Thursday, December 20, 2012

Being Helpful... Or Not

Flash is the alpha horse of the herd.  He's such a studly, good looking guy.  Always cutting a dapper picture, drawing admiring sighs from the girls.

Or not.  Nobody enjoys a nap like Flash; muddy naps, sandy naps, sunny or cloudy naps.  He's an equal opportunity napper.  And it shows.

He got annoyed with me because I was taking pictures of Jackson for my post yesterday.  I was supposed to be mucking and then getting him his hay.  While I took pictures, he fiddled with my muck rake.

Knock it off, Flash  I said.  I kept taking pictures.  He picked up the cart by the handle and tried to dump it.

I put away the camera, finished picking up poop, and got him his hay.  Sheesh.


  1. lol he's secure in his own horseness that's for sure.

    Poor Flash- good help is so hard to find.

  2. So familiar with that scenario!

    Val will grab the iphone case out of my pocket threatening to chomp it if my communication needs delay putting the chow out. ;D

  3. Flash is a good communicator! I don't envy your mud, and don't think you're going to like our snow. Hope you and Brett are well.

  4. There is a reason that he was named "Jody's Lucky Devil". He would do well at a mud spa.

  5. Because I didn't grow up with anything but "ranch" horses I am always amazed at the personalities that really do come out in them. Flash makes me laugh!

  6. He was just trying to help!! If he had opposable thumbs he'd pick up the poop and push the barrow himself ;)


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