Thursday, December 13, 2012

Comfort Food

A storm from the Gulf of Alaska arrived in our neck of the woods last night.  We listened to the rain falling during the night and then trudged down to the barn to feed this morning with our muck boots on and jacket hoods up.  The goats wouldn't poke even their noses out of their shed.  The rain is very cold, just above freezing.  Back at the house, we stripped out of our soaking jeans and hung our jackets to dry.  I put my gloves above the wood stove, the leather so wet you could wring them out. 

When the weather is wet and cold, I turn to comfort food.  We've been eating things like fried braunschweiger sandwiches.  Do you eat this?  Lori?  I grew up on the stuff, made it for Brett, and he's hooked.  I slice the braunschweiger into rounds, fry them in lots of butter, and then smear them onto bread.

Last night I made pumpkin soup.  I grew two kinds of pumpkins this summer.  Camille smashed the pretty Cinderella pumpkins open and gave them to the chickens.  I kept the sugar pumpkins.  I roasted the pumpkin, roasted the seeds, and then made soup while I munched the seeds. 

And fresh, homemade rolls.  ...I pigged out on these.

In the afternoons and evenings when the munchies hit (watching rain makes me hungry), I raid the cookies from the cookie exchange and drink hot mugs of coffee. 

Tonight, maybe I'll have a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with brown sugar and bananas.  What do you like to eat when its miserable outside?


  1. Never had that, but now I'm going to have to try it. Everything looks so yummy! Enjoy your dinner tonight. Looks pretty yucky out there...I like seeing that last photo weather report.

  2. i used to eat braunschweiger spread on toast all the time. :)

  3. Making carrot poppy seed bread and lentil soup as we "speak". You've inspired me to start baking bread again, despite the fact that the Shimmy Shack's kitchen is not ideal...

    We're having crappy weather here too. :(

  4. Potato and Leek soup, with dumplings! Inside each dumpling is salted butter! OMG!

  5. Wish we could have that rain here in Denver. We're having beautiful warm weather but, almost no snow, it might be a another scary summer for hay and hay prices - now I need some comfort food! Sharla

  6. Braunschweiger, ahh brings back memories. Eww! You guys my Mom and my Grandparents are the only people I know that eat the stuff. LOL I too turn to comfort food when it is dreary out - but mine isn't as healthy as yours (I seem to crave carbs when it is dreary). Those rolls btw look AMAZING!

  7. Good Lord woman!! You'd be in serious trouble in you lived in our neck of the woods!! We get rain 6 months out of 12 at least...comfort foods huh? I like soups and breads, cookies and coffee too.
    Stay warm and Merry Christmas!!

    Those cookies are beautiful!

  8. I like Braunschweiger sandwiches! My dad introduced them to me when I was little. I have never seen it fried though. I bet that gives the outside an interesting texture.

  9. When it's cold and miserable outside I like to prepare a thick broth of veggies and lamb and then accompany it with great chunks of pumpkin bread with lashings of fresh butter.


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