Monday, December 10, 2012

Girls and Goats

Saturday, Camille and her friend Kelly spent some time with the goats.  Bear was very excited to see them.  He was even more excited by the Cheerios in Camille's fist.

After visiting the goats, they continued down to the pasture where Kelly was introduced to Finessa and Tuffy.
Finessa: Do you have any cookies on you?  Tuffy: You check her pockets and I'll check the hood. 
Jackson was in a social mood, eager to discuss matters of great importance.  Such as carrots.

Jackson: What are you hiding in your hands?  Carrots?

Camille: No, silly, no carrots.  See?  Empty hand.

Jackson: I'm not sure about these girls.  They're cute, but they don't have carrots.
Jackson: Eat your heart out Gress!
For the record, Gress is Camille's boyfriend.


  1. Lovely photos. Looks like the pretty girls have a great time together with the carrot lover:) Good to see such horse like Jackson. He's really sweet and very friendly.

  2. Absolutely adore the photos but the captions make the story! Love that pinned back ears Jackson gave em when the empty hand came out. The donkeys got it right...tag team her!

  3. I love your posts :-) Your images are so refreshing !!!


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