Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Wind Picks Up

The winds started gusting in the middle of the night - loud enough to wake us up.  This morning it was blowing hard.  Brett was scheduled to go on a trail ride and debated about going; finally deciding to load up and give it a shot.  I spent the morning down the mountain at my daughter's track meet and my poor little car was blown all over. 

After I got home, I put Jackson in the arena to roll.  He was walking well so I decided to throw my breeches on and try sitting in my new saddle.  I only rode Jackson for ten minutes, at a walk, in straight lines but it was just wonderful to be on his back again.  And wonderful to be sitting in my new saddle.  The cantle and pommel are both quite high - much higher than I usually like.  So, initially I mounted and looked down at my seat wedged in and thought "ugh, why did I choose this?"  Then he started walking and I remembered.  My leg hangs perfect with no effort on my part and I can feel him very clearly.  It's almost the feel of being bareback. 

Kalvin was going NUTS in the wind.  You can see the trees bending behind him.

The donkeys were out and about.  Initially, they were out in the pasture.  Then a gate blew open and they were really out!  I glanced out the window and saw them headed for my flower bed with Brett in pursuit.  I grabbed the camera and ran outside...

After being chased away from my flowers, they headed for the hill behind the compost piles.

From there, we cornered them along the back driveway.

"Which way to run... thinking...thinking...thinking"

"Maybe if I hide behind a tree, they won't find me and I can stay out."
After that excitement, I headed back to the house.  On the way guess what I found in the garden?
The season's first artichoke!  Yum!!


  1. Wow sounds like an eventful day around your farm. Gotta love naughty little donkeys.

  2. Naughty donkeys certainly make for nice photos.

  3. Your saddle is glad you got to sit on it! Love the photos of the donkeys. They are so lucky to live in such a beautiful "park."

  4. Well it looks like you really do have "Hoofprints in your Garden" now!! By the way - I have returned the favor and awarded you the "versatile blogger" award for this blog- :-). see my blog or here is the link- (I don't know if that will work here). Thank you once again for you encouragement on WOWH AND congrats on getting through the alphabet!xo teri

  5. Great pictures! I hope the artichoke was good.

  6. The donkeys are a hoot! So naughty and cute! Loved the photos. Also, what a beautiful boy! And the saddle looks comfy and nice on him, too.

    Envious of the's snowing here today. :P

    Tijeras, NM

  7. The donkeys are soooo cute!!! Glad it turned out okay. :)

  8. These photos are great. I love looking at photos of your trees, fences, animals - all of it.


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