Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Feast

The sun never came out today.  We had weather in the 40s and blowing mist with a few soft showers.  Brett's sister and her family, nephews, niece, boyfriend, girlfriend -- a houseful -- came up for Easter dinner.  I love cooking holiday meals.  This year I attempted to make brioche.  I started it yesterday and after measuring wrong the first go around and dumping the dough in the trash and starting again... I finally got the dough right and into fridge for its long rise.  This morning I was up early.  My recipe said the brioche needed to rise in the brioche pan for 3 hours.  At the 3 hour mark, it hadn't budged.   So, I started a batch of fail safe dinner rolls.  Then, OF COURSE, it started rising.  So, we ended up with three kinds of bread -- the wheat bread I made yesterday, the brioche and the rolls.  But, I'm feeling a good sense of accomplishment over the brioche. 

I love these napkins.  They were a gift from my best friend in France. 

Radishes with herb butter and fleur de sel.  A big hit.

Curried eggs
The main course:

and dessert:

The best part of Easter dinner was all the laughter and stories shared around the table.  I love Brett's family --  (I love mine too, of course, but my parents were with my sister this year and the kids were with their dad). 

Happy Easter everyone!  Time to clean up and put my feet up (after horse chores of course).


  1. Outstanding! Very healthy looking too.

  2. Yuuummmmm You are an amazing cook and baker lady. The meal you made for us last fall was to die for...what a wonderful gift to share with friends and family...

  3. Really looks delicious! Nice job. Love the asparagus.

  4. That IS a beautiful dinner. They must have been thrilled. I love just looking at it.

  5. That looks so good it makes me want to eat Easter dinner all over again. B

  6. Yummy! Everything looks delicious but I'm totally drooling over the chocolate covered dessert thing. Mmmmmmm.

    Are curried eggs the same as deviled eggs or is it something different??


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