Monday, April 18, 2011

Suspicious Chickens

The chicken feeder fell apart and had to be replaced.  The one I bought is a bit different -- I'm hoping that it will last longer than the last two metal ones.
I hung the feeder and filled it.

The girls watched suspiciously from the other end of the pen.

It took quite awhile for them to approach

and take the first few cautious pecks

The "all clear" signal was given and they all dove in.


  1. Aren't they just so funny? I love watching mine. I guess that's where they get the adjective "chicken" from--they're scared of everything! LOL

  2. I love chickens. They bring back memories of my grandmother. Yours are very beautiful. :-)

  3. Happy chickens. What a great set up.

  4. My baby chicks are starting to feather out. Your chickens are pretty but my fave is the black and white one :)

  5. That's very funny. Never trust anything until the first one makes it through.

  6. Oh - speckled sussex - my favorite!

  7. LOL I love how suspicious chickens are. Too cute! Mine were raised with that kind so any time they see something red they come running/flying lol.


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