Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grooming and Finessa Update

Finessa is doing much better.  She is walking without gimping and with more energy.  I haven't seen her race around but then she never was big on that.  She's too much of a lady for those kinds of shinanagins.
How can you not love this face?  Finessa has a personality that matches those soft warm eyes.

The donkeys are shedding out so I decided to groom them. 

They looooooove to be groomed.   They fight over who gets to go first and if I groom one too long without switching, the other will start pushing their way in.  


Jackson was watching jealousy from his stall so when I finished with the donkeys, I went in and gave him a massage with his favorite tool in his grooming bag -- the nubby mit.

What is your horse's favorite grooming tool?


  1. Finessa and Tuffy are the cutest ever.

    My boys don't really like any of the tools. I do use those silly plastic colorful mane brushes ($3 ones) to brush off dried mud and most of their coats. It is supposed to be for manes and tails, but it is the only one that Sovereign will tolerate. I tried the mitt (unbelievably lightly) and he almost kicked me. He is more thinned skinned than any horse I ever knew.
    I have heard that with age, TBs become less sensitive but I haven't seen that with ours in the past. I hope it is true.
    Little Finessa and Tuffy make me want to groom a donkey. So adorable!

  2. Such sweet donkeys...
    I agree Finessa has beautiful eyes.

    Looking forward to the arrival of your baby goats.

  3. How sweet are they! I would love to have a pair.

  4. Finessa is so cute. Savanah and Rogo love all grooming tools :) . Dan, the Appaloosa, is more sensitive and only likes soft brushes.

  5. I love donkeys! :) I can't wait until Zeppelin is tame enough for me to groom him. I bet he would absolutely love it.

    Chrome loves any grooming tool so long as he's being groomed. :) Well maybe not so much on the mane and tail but he tolerates it well. He was skeptical about the furminator but once he got used to it he liked it. :) I haven't tried a mitt on him yet. Need to find my old one.


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