Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back to the Lame Game

Yesterday, Brett and I rode in a clinic with an excellent trainer from the East coast (Judy Westlake).  We had never ridden with her before but had heard rave reviews from friends.  So, we signed up.  Or, rather, Brett signed up since Jackson was lame.  Then they found a 30 minute slot for me at the end of the day Saturday since Jackson was doing well.  We had a very productive ride.  He threw a few of his insecure fits but we rode through them and for the most part he was focused.  It is probably the best he has done in a strange arena so I was pleased.  And, he was strong and forward with canter on the brain.  We had some crow hopping and overly exuberant transitions.  But, I learned some new tools and I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it felt when she said I was handling him very well/appropriately.  I worked very hard to be steady and consistent and not get sucked into the drama he was trying to create.  We got home and he unloaded fine and trucked off into the pasture for a good roll and dinner.

This morning when we went down to feed he was lame.  Seriously lame.  Can't move a step and leg shaking when he tried lame.  Hoof hot.  I soaked his hoof and gave him some bute and turned him back out.  He needs to move on the hoof so the abscess will finish working its way out.  I suspect that the exercise yesterday got the blood flowing in his foot and the abscess started moving again.  Fortunately, I had talked to my vet a few days ago and she cautioned me that this might happen, that it might not be over, that it might come and go before finally breaking.

Brett and I decided to go down the mountain and pick up supplies for projects.  We spent the afternoon busy with our chosen projects.
I played in the greenhouse sowing more seeds.

Tried out my new red chair.

Brett worked on his project - building stairs up the hillside to the viewing stand path.

Horse laundry

We have a washer/dryer in the tack room.  When we built our ranch, we built the barn first and lived there (and slept in our travel trailer) while the house was being built.

I got the feed room shelves organized.

Sedona and Kersey were out and about.  Mostly laying about...

 The end of the day is best.  Brett finished the stairs and we sat on the viewing stand with a glass of wine.
I soaked Jackson's hoof and put on a poultice wrap.


  1. Annette...Sorry about Jackson. Do you put a drawing salve on before he is wrapped? I'd love to have a washer and dryer in my tack room! Cool that you lived out there while the house was being built...I'd love to live in a barn.

    You two sure do a lot of clinics.

  2. Yes, I put a drawing poultice on a baby diaper smash it into his hoof, then wrap it up securely. He is more comfortable with it on and I'm hopeful the poultice will work its magic - or help anyway.

  3. Poor Jackson.
    My standardbred was a track horse before he came to retire here.
    When we pulled his shoes his feet were a mess,so bruised and sore.
    My farrier thought he would be better off bare foot.
    Every 6 weeks the day before she would be back to trim feet he would get a abscess,it was terrible,the soaking, the bute, the pain.
    It was a good 6 months before his feet were strong and healed up.
    Knock on wood it's been over two years since his last abscess.
    I know exactly what you and poor Jackson are going through,hope it drains and heals soon.

  4. Poor Jackson. I'm glad that you know what it is though, and that it isn't serious.
    What a great project day you had. I love your greenhouse (I want one!) and the steps turned out great.
    It's great that you lived in your barn first. How great is that? I find on the occasions I've slept in a barn that I sleep better than anywhere else.
    There's nothing I like more than a glass of wine with my sweetie at the end of a nice day. You have a great life together.

  5. Sorry to hear Jackson is still having a hoof problem. Hope it clears up soon.

    A belated "thank you" for your German Pancake recipe. Somehow missed when you posted it, but found it last evening. Am anxious to try it.

    "Cheers" as you clink glasses!

  6. Poor Jackson! You can tell in the video it hurts bad :( I'm glad he has you to take care of him. While it hurts it was probably a good thing to get the blood flowing to get it worked out of there. It sounds like it might pop sooner than later and that would be good!

    I am so jealous of your greenhouse. I really need to work in a place for one in my farm design :)

    I plan on having a washer/dryer in my barn as well. It's just so handy. You look so organized, too!

    I need Brett to come build me some stairs in my hill :) That's exactly what I want to do in the back here, leading to my shade garden. All in good time....

  7. Annette- You write Jackson's story so well...especially the part "but we rode right through them." And so we do--- I hope your seeds grow well, Jackson hoof heals and your red chair is comfy- hugs teri

  8. Poor Jackson! At least it's moving again and will hopefully be done with soon. It sounds like he did fantastic at the clinic. Good job both of you!


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