Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm So Tired of This

As I was driving home from work tonight after a very long day, Brett called me on my cell (yes, I was wearing a bluetooth).  He told me that Jackson was lame on his left hind.  Brett was feeding when he got home from work and noticed Jackson standing, with the hoof cocked, refusing to move.  Brett had to use Jackson's halter and lead to bring him into the barn and it was a long, slow process.  Step, grunt, rest.  Step, grunt, rest. 

The headache I had been fighting all day suddenly intensified.

Jackson had been almost sound on the right front yesterday morning when I longed him.  Sound at walk; very slightly off at trot.  I was looking forward to full recovery and getting back in the saddle - maybe by the weekend. 

I guess not.

When I got home, well after dark, I went down to the barn.  There isn't any swelling in the leg or heat or bounding pulse.  Hoof testers.... you got it.  Positive.  Heavy, heavy sigh.  I gave him some bute and a big hug.  He nudged my pocket for cookies.  I scratched his shoulder crease.  And gave him another hug. 

I'll wrap it in a poultice filled diaper in the morning if it is still sore.  And hopefully I'll have a more positive post tomorrow night.


  1. Between the weather and poor Jackson, this has been quite a spring for you. This morning we have super heavy fog.

  2. Bummer Annette. It did take Val quite a while to feel better when he had his bruises last summer... and a while for the Venice Turpentine to kick in as well - probably a month or so.

    Hope Jackson's feeling better today :)

  3. You may have already considered this, but have you had Jackson tested for Equine Metabolic Syndrome? I'm not sure what kind of feed he is on, but switching to a low-sugar feed might help.

    I've rescued two horses in the late stages of neglect with this disease. They were also foundered and unfortunately too late in the process for me to save. One of the continuous issues they had were abscesses, even in their healthy feet. Then I've had a friend who had a case that wasn't foundered, but the same thing--she had insulin issues and basically lost the sole and frogs on both front feet to abscesses.

    It might be worth looking into, if you haven't already, or at least switching feed, just as an experiment.

    Sorry to hear about this, regardless!!

  4. I hope he feels better tomorrow. It's so hard when you can't explain to them what's going on. All the best.--Inger

  5. Went down to the barn at 0500 before work. Jackson seemed to be walking fine in his turnout. I took him out of his stall and walked him down the barn aisle, turned him around and walked back. He was walking good. I put him back in his stall and he went out to talk with Flash at the gate to his turnout, something about "I got their number".

  6. I hope it was just an overnight thing! :-)

  7. Fingers crossed he's magically fine tomorrow.

  8. I agree with Jessie about the Equine Metabolic Syndrome. Feed directly effects hooves I've been learning. Chemical dewormer was causing event lines in Chrome's hooves and that's what got me started researching hoof structure and health. Google Pete Ramey for some good info. I hope he's better now.


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