Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Stills: 4 Points

This challenge was to pick a place to stand and then take pictures in the four directions of the compass.

The first pictures were taken at about 6:30 am Wednesday, April 6th as the sun was coming up.  The second pictures were taken 3 days later on Saturday after a cold front came through and dropped some snow.  I stood in our orchard to take them.






  1. nice 360 view! Your farm is so nice. I love the chicken coop. It has to be the most secure looking one I've seen. I also love the one with the horse looking at you trying to figure out what you are doing.

  2. Cool post! :D
    I just love those two shots of the North - with n w/o snow. Really cool! :D

  3. Love your shots! I'd really like to have a set up for chickens that is like yours. Snow.Sun.Snow.Sun. Quite a contrast.

  4. What a lovely lovely home I'm so jealous! I really like the 2nd shot with the greenhouse in it but the snow photos were all really lovely (even though it is "snow") LOL

  5. Those are awesome! I loved being able to see it with and without snow. :) Completely changes the shot. Good job!

  6. now THAT is a study in contrasts!! Great idea for the 4 points!!


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