Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vet Visit Day

This morning was vintage Southern California spring.  Sunny skies, warm temperatures and new life everywhere - squirrels, rabbits and flowers.

I washed Jackson's tail and legs so he would be stunning for the vet.  I let him graze around while his tail dried.

Flash looked up from his nap to see what we were doing.

And then went right back to sleep.

Stretching to get comfortable.  Flash loves his naps.  He takes lots of them.

Clove Currant bush.  The scent of clove from this plant in the spring is almost over powering.

It's not the most beautiful plant but it does provide great aroma in the spring, currants in the summer and beautiful red foliage in the autumn.  I planted a bush at each of the four corners of the viewing stand.

Jupiter's Beard.  Pretty color.  Invasive.  Not sure if I love it or hate it.

Here come the California Poppies!

Tarragon is coming to life after its winter dormancy.

Yesterday evening when I got home from work Brett and I walked out to the future goat area to decide where we are going to put the goat palace  shed.  Brett had been busy drawing up plans.  The shed will be like a little house with a porch, dutch doors and skylight.   Brett plans to put a brick walkway from the gate to the front door...  These goats will be living in style.  One of our community neighbors raises goats (African pygmies) so we will buy from her.  She has a doe who is due next month.  Perfect.
The goat area will be next to the front driveway, just inside the gate.  I'm standing at one end of their area with the camera and it will go all the way to the far fence.

Brett marked the four corners of the goat house location with bricks.

I think they are going to have a blast on the boulders.

The afternoon and vet visit weren't as happy.  I asked her to check Finessa first as she has been a bit gimpy on and off.  The poor little donkey is foundering - and the only thing she eats besides  hay is 1/2 carrot each morning when the horses get their supplements.  So, no more carrots for the donkeys.  

 And Jackson.  Not good.  Now both fronts are testing sore with the hoof testers.  She suspects laminitis.  I immediately went numb.  That is what killed Strider.  As I'm standing, holding Jackson, and thinking about the death diagnosis she tells me that she thinks it is treatable/fixable.  I think she must have taken one look at my ashen face fighting tears and realized what I was thinking.  It is most likely either from our ground being so soft from the rains and that causing bruising when he was worked or could also be an insulin issue - like diabetes in horses.  She took a bazillion x-rays and a full metabolic blood work up - thyroid, glucose, insulin.  She'll have x-rays back tomorrow afternoon and the blood work Wednesday night or Thursday.  No more carrots for Jackson either.   Hopefully, the x-rays won't show any drop or rotation in the coffin bone.  Then we can put some pads on and I can hope that it is an episodic laminitis and not chronic.  ...I have my fingers, toes, arms, legs and brain crossed.


  1. Sending positive thoughts and crossing fingers, too.

  2. When you get your bearings, you may want to check out Dr. Eleanor Kellon's site.

    She is a vet who offers courses online dealing with equine feeding and nutrition - there's a course specifically for how to deal with laminitis / insulin resistance / Cushing's. A lot of it has to do with hay testing and balancing minerals. There is hope :)

    I got very helpful info from her when trying to diagnose and treat an insulant resistant elderly horse I used to care for. billie from camera obscura speaks highly of her too.

    Hoping for the best possible outcome
    for your Jackson!

  3. Hoping that Jackson will be okay and his laminitis treatable.

    Your flowers are beautiful and your goat palace sounds like it's going to be wonderful for the goats.

  4. Oh Geez! That's not the kind of news anyone wants to hear from the vet. I hope the bloodwork and x-ray's hold answers.

  5. oh no! My fingers are crossed as well!

  6. what a sad day for you,I'm sending good vibes your way.
    poor Jackson :(

  7. Come on Jackson! Sounds like your donkey needs some good luck too. Hopefully things will straighten out quickly.

    The Goat Palace is going to be something! Can't wait to see it.

  8. I loved this post, with the plans for the goat palace and guided tour of your garden (I used to be an avid gardener - gotta get back to it). Then to read about Jackson - how upsetting for you. I hope you can manage it with diet, and it sound slike your vet thinks this is the case. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  9. You might want to check out For Love of the Horse. The products are expensive but I've heard they work.


  10. Hoping things will go well for you after the tests... we dealt with founder here, and it's a long, hard haul, but doable. I'll pray for the best that you get good news!

  11. I hope things go well with the testing and it's nothing chronic. It certainly does look like your goats will be living in style!

  12. While you're waiting on results please do some research on laminitis. A good website is http://www.hoofrehab.com and a good blog is http://www.barefoothorseblog.blogspot.com/ They go into the insulin resistance too. I'm not a paid advertiser or associated in any way to these websites I just think they are so full of great information. It's important for you to understand what is going on while you're treating this so that you can ensure that the vet/farrier is doing the right thing for Jackson. I'll send healing thoughts and prayers for Jackson.


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