Friday, April 15, 2011

More Good News

The insulin results came back normal for Jackson.  More good news!  All x-rays and all blood work are normal.  It looks like he just has thin soles that get soft and sore when the weather is wet.  Hopefully, there isn't bruising but even if there is I don't mind waiting it out.  I'm just thankful that he is healthy.  He was very sore on his feet yesterday so I gave him some bute before the farrier arrived to put his shoes back on.  That was painful.  Painful for Jackson and painful for me to watch.  He was trying to be cooperative but it really REALLY hurt.  I had to walk away at one point.  The poor guy could hardly walk - half step, long pause, half step hobble and bobble, long pause...  I know it was painful to have the shoe put on - not because of the nails so much as the banging.  Last night he never left his stall.  He usually manures in his run-out but not last night.  Everything was inside.  He seems to be better today although he is still sore.  I'm keeping him in the barn because it is just too wet in the pasture still.  I bought some Venice Turpentine which was recommended to me by both my vet and Val's owner at Calm, Forward, Straight.  I'm painting it onto the soles of his hooves.  It helps harden and toughen the soles.  Val's owner does this once a week all year.  I may do the same once he is better.  I'm doing it every day now.

Finessa is walking better too.  She's shedding out her winter coat and looking mighty cute.  OK - Tuffy, Flash and Jackson are looking cute too.

This morning while I was in the barn, I heard a bird flying overhead making a noise similar to a hawk but not as loud.  I went outside and looked up.  Barn swallows!  Looping and diving and swooping - a whole flock of them.  I can't remember ever seeing swallows up here before although San Juan Capistrano, which is at the base of our mountain, is famous for them.  I took that as a good omen for the day.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera with me. 

The apple trees in the orchard are all in bloom.  The espaliered trees are just starting to bloom and leaf out.

Brett's been busy working on the goat shed.  He got approval on his shed plans at the association meeting and got right to work.  He has the base formed out and level.  Next he'll put in the block base.


  1. Wow - I know you are relieved! Great news :)

    Regarding the Venice Turpentine - I avoid Val's frog and only paint the soles, since it's the VT is very drying. Also - when it's summer and your paddocks get very dry too - you may also want to use hoof dressing... Val's hooves were cracking at my trainer's last summer so I used both products.

  2. So glad there was so much positive news from the vet.

  3. Great news on all fronts. I sure hope Jackson is more comfortable soon.

  4. I'm glad the news from the vet was good, but I understand how much you hurt when Jackson hurt. I hope he will feel better real soon.--Inger

  5. This is an interesting article on the horses sole There are ways to encourage the sole to get thicker, but I don't remember what they are.

    I use salt water to toughen my horse's soles. Just put 1/4 to 1/2 cup of regular table salt in a bottle and fill with water, shake it up and spray it on the bottoms of his feet. Make sure to get it into the grooves too and it will kill/prevent any thrush that may be forming.

    I'm sorry Jackson is in so much pain and I hope you can get it sorted out soon. Please keep us updated.


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