Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Walk Around

Jackson is doing great.  There was no hint of gimpyness when I went down to feed this morning.  Yesterday, he was out in the pasture for an hour.  Today, I am trying the whole morning.  If that goes well, I'll up it to the entire day.  I don't want him out there 24/7 until the pasture dries.  It is still 3/4 mud and the water trough is located in the middle of mud-land.  I went down to check on him mid-morning (still walking great) and took my camera for a walk around.

Cloudy skies today.  We have moments of sunshine alternating with grey.  Temps in the 50s.
First stop: the greenhouse

Pumpkin, cucumber, basil and dill

I couldn't get Jackson's attention.  He was studying the road.

Everybody was studying the road.

Even Tuffy
Aha!  People with dogs on the road!  A situation requiring close monitoring.
Next subject: Studying water puddles.  He licked the puddle.  I swear.  I saw it.

Making his way to the water trough for a drink.

Kalvin and Flash were way ahead of him
The goat fencing is in. 

The goat shed foundation is in.  Brett has been busy! (Ok, he had help with the fence)

The goat area is immediately to your left as you come in our front gate. 
Back to the house... back to work.


  1. Your place is so nice and roomy and well taken care of. The goat area looks escape proof and secure. You guys have worked hard.

  2. I love your gate.
    Glad Jackson is doing better.

  3. Did anyone ever tell you you have one fancy place out there? The goats are going to love their living quarters. Good job! And Yey for Jackson.

  4. Your gate is awesome! I love your whole place. I bet putting pea gravel in the paddock that is so muddy will help a lot. You should try it out if you can.

    I'm glad Jackson is doing so well. :)

    I wish I had a greenhouse. I think I would really love it.


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