Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Stills: In the Sky

We have had unrelenting heat and, for the most part, clear blue skies.  A few days this week and last, clouds arrived from the desert.

New Mexico and Arizona are experiencing their summer monsoons and some of the residual moisture, swept up from the Gulf of Mexico, made it all the way to California.  We even had a slight chance of thunderstorms show up in the forecast.  I was excited -- there isn't anything better than sitting outside on the porch, watching the lightening flash, listening to the crash of thunder and the sudden downpour, and smelling the damp earth.  But, it was not too be.  We had days of high humidity but no rain, no light show, no cleansing showers. 

I continue to wait out the healing of my foot.  I tell myself that this is miserable riding weather and its just as well that I am in the cool house, but that doesn't help with boredom.  Towards the end of next week we will be driving (and driving and driving) up to Northern California for the annual vacation with my extended family.  Last year we went to the coast, but we all missed the mountains so we are trying that again.  It was a trick finding a place that felt like mountains with a lake close by for the kids, but at an elevation low enough for my mother to tolerate.  Fingers crossed that this place works out for everyone.  If it does, it will be worth the ten hour drive.  I plan to sit by the creek with a book, write some poetry, and jibber-jabber with my mother and sister.

In the meantime, we are all trying to stay cool while we wait for autumn.  The only happy campers at the ranch are the peaches and the tomatoes. 


  1. sorry about missing the rain! that is so frustrating!

  2. Come on footie, heal!
    We are ready for some rain too. We are concerned about fire danger and hay prices. Scary.

  3. The trip sounds peaceful and relaxing. I'm afraid we're experiencing your hoped for thunderstorm as I write this. Hope your foot is getting better each day and the healing will be over with quickly. In this weather you're right nobody feels like riding and the horses don't feel like it either would be my guess. Hang in there. Autumn is just around the corner.

  4. Oh yes! Dry weather makes for sweeter fruit. Hope you get some rain soon, though.

  5. Sorry about your missing rains. I'd gladly give you some of ours if I could. Hope we both have a change of weather soon.

  6. If only the monsoons would stick around and give us some real moisture here in New Mexico. When it does rain, it's mostly sprinkles that barely moisten the top layer of dusty soil.
    I hope you have a wonderful family vacation. The time away to rest and visit will give your foot more time to heal. :)


  7. That darned foot, it would drive me crazy to have to deal with it for so long. I got teary eyed when you mentioned sitting by a creek, talking with you mom. I miss my mom a lot. And now you probably think you made me depressed, reading this, but that's not true. Your pictures are so beautiful and I'm so happy that you are going on vacation with your family. And the weather should be cooler than where you are.


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