Monday, July 16, 2012

Playing in the Sprinklers

Do you remember playing in the sprinklers on a hot day?  Growing up in Southern California, my memories of summer when I was small all involve a hose or the sprinklers.  It was warm Sunday up at the ranch so we put Flash and Winston in the arena to run around in the sprinklers.  They had a blast.  They started by rolling, then bucking, then racing around.

Here they are in action -- that Winston is fast!!  Flash ran a little bit, then stood in a corner and watched Winston racing around like a little kid with too much sugar.  Which is, well, accurate. 

We had to stop them because Winston pushed it a bit too far.  Flash got annoyed and kicked out with both hinds, landing square on Winston's side.  ...same place he kicked when I got my toes broken but this time, fortunately for me, I wasn't on Winston's back.  Winston trotted down to the far end of the arena, manured, and then stood licking and chewing for a good five minutes.  It's hard to be young and hyper with a grumpy horse like Flash.


  1. fun until someone gets hurt!

    my horses RUN FROM the hose.

  2. Very 'refreshing' video.It's a very U.S.A. one with this music and the flag :)
    Horses look like they had a great time..

  3. Takes me back to my first job working on a horse farm. It is hot here too - sprinkler time.

  4. What a fun idea for your horses! They really enjoyed the sprinkle!

  5. I totally remember running through the sprinklers as a kid. What fun that was! Your horses are so beautiful, I love their markings.


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