Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jackson Rides Again

Yesterday the kids wanted to ride the horses.  We waited until after dinner when the temperatures dropped from over 100F to the 80s.  It was a race to beat the setting sun, but we made it.  Chris wondered what it would be like to sit on a horse bareback and that got me thinking.  Jackson is very comfortable bareback and he is very sensible, always anxious to please.  So while Brett tacked up Flash, I got Jackson out and brought him to the tie rail.  He was beside himself with happiness.

The kids rummaged around until they found helmets that fit, and we took Jackson to the mounting block.  Drew, being the oldest, was up first.  Jackson could feel that Drew was a bit off balance so he walked slowly and calmly.  As Drew straightened up and gained confidence, Jackson started walking faster pulling me along and wanting to trot.  I firmly told him no, that my poor foot wasn't up to jogging, and he needed to be good.  He settled for me.  He's so good, always wanting to please.

Rachel took her turn next.  She and Jackson had already bonded when we gave him a bath the other day and she sat up nice and straight, well balanced and perfectly aligned.  But she is timid and was worried that Jackson would try to trot with her.  I explained to Jackson and he walked slowly and calmly for her. 

Last up was Chris.  His seat wasn't the straightest but that kid is brave.  He was scratching Jackson on the withers and telling me that someday he wants to ride well enough to gallop.  Jackson had his ears flicking back and forth on Chris the whole time.  I'm sure he was trying to figure Chris out.  Hmmm, wants to go fast but doesn't feel secure back there.  I better just walk along nicely.

Meanwhile, Winston was busy trying to get some attention.  He tried synchronized rolling with Tuffy first.

When that didn't work, he raced around the pasture bucking and demonstrating airs above ground.  His extended trot was a sight to behold.  I told him I was impressed and promised to ride him soon.  My foot is markedly better.  It's not an empty promise.  My goal is Sunday.  Fingers crossed.

While Winston was entertaining us, Brett brought Flash out.  The kids practiced steering on their own and Andrew even did a bit of trot work. 

We got it all done before the sun set.  A perfect evening.


  1. The kids will always remember that!
    I bet it really lifted Jackson's spirits to be the special guy giving rides.

  2. i love that jackson got to be utilized! i hope he enjoyed it and hope his hooves do not hurt him today!

  3. look at her holding all that length of rein in her hands. that's me and split reins!

    how wonderful, a disneyland for kids - swimming and riding at the same day.

  4. Perfect indeed! My heart sang for Jackson - or right along with his anyway : )

  5. Great memories, for all of you, to be brought out and relived again and again, I'm sure. Although don't show these photos to your foot-doctor:)

  6. Just love Jackson's sweet expression. You can tell he loved every second of it.
    Sounds like a lovely evening!

  7. I loved seeing Jackson out there with the kids. He looks gorgeous !
    Glad to hear that riding is in your near future.

  8. YAY Jackson what a gentleman you are. I adore the photos with the kids and look at his ears, he is paying such great attention!

  9. Tremendous fun. Thanks for sharing this. Great pics, too!

  10. I am so happy for Jackson. It is so cute that he wanted to trot. He is still the same sweet horse even though he has had some down time.

    I would have LOVED to have been in your grandkids' shoes when I was little. What lucky, lucky kids. They look like a very nice bunch, too.

  11. How sweet! I'm so happy Jackson could do a job again. I've been working on Cowboy's dosage levels with the carbamezepine and have finally been able to ride him again, too. Glad to hear you've healed up in the time I've been away. Have fun this weekend.

  12. Loved the horses .. strong and majestic :-)


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