Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rancho Capistrano Celebrates

We live in a small community, isolated and remote.  One of the things we most love is the sense of community we share with our neighbors.  We have Christmas caroling on a hay cart in December, pumpkin carving at Halloween, monthly potluck dinners... but the best party of the year is on July 4th.  We do this one right.

It starts with a parade, led by our very own community firetruck (we have a volunteer dept).  Small kids ride on the truck and throw candy to bystanders.  The firetruck is followed by tractors, golf carts, cars, dirt bikes, and maybe a few horses.  This year, the horses had all dropped out by the time they got to our road which is close to the end of the parade route.

In previous years, we decorated our tractor and Camille and I rode on a blanket covered palate Brett rigged up using the fork lifts on the front.  Another year, we walked the dog.  And still another year, we rode Flash and Starman -- who both jigged the whole way.  Regardless, the parade is always good.  Those of us who aren't participating in the parade sit on the road outside our homes and watch it go by. 

Jackson and Flash have been here long enough that the noise from the parade doesn't worry them too much.  They came out of their stalls for a look, and then went back in to finish their lunch.  Winston and Tuffy, on the other hand, were on high alert.  Winston because this is his first 4th of July up here and Tuffy because, well, that's what donkeys do.

After the parade, we headed over to the Community Center for the party.  We couldn't stay long since Brett is working this evening and my foot can't take more than about half an hour of standing.  We had a burger, drank a beer, talked to neighbors and enjoyed the music.

There's a slip and slide for the kids and always, always a cake walk.  Everybody bakes and the table is overflowing with homemade patriotic goodness.  We bake enough so that there are enough for every kid to win something.  Kyle and Camille have outgrown the cake walk.  Rats!

The kids get tuckered out and head home in the late afternoon but the band keeps playing, the adults keep drinking, and then there are usually "interesting" stories about behavior that follows; we are a colorful community of interesting characters.


  1. that's really awesome! i'd be doing the cake walk, myself. :)

  2. This photos are full of color and live.I love Tom Petty music :)

  3. What a great event! That's what I call community.

  4. Yeah but small town 4th of July parades and parties are THE BEST!!! I had a friend from back East here yesterday and as we drove through Seeley Lake with the actual highway lined with lawn chairs and people she couldn't believe her eyes.


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