Thursday, July 19, 2012

Donkey Days

Brett went up to the Santa Ynez valley to help my dad on a project Wednesday, leaving before 4am.  That left me to do the morning chores on my own which I thought would be okay since my foot has been feeling stronger lately.  However, I put in long days at work on Monday and Tuesday and was exhausted by Tuesday evening.  I woke up Wednesday morning, after a night spent dreaming about sleeping -- I figure it must be a sign of exhaustion if you have to double your sleep by dreaming about it too -- and I was dragging.  I put on my walking boot and headed to the barn.  Unfortunately, I seem to have worn out the air pump so I couldn't pump up the boot and fully support my foot.  I hobbled very slowly down to the barn, with the heavy boot flopping on my foot.  I got the horses their buckets of vitamins and started mucking the pasture.  It was very slow, sore going.  The donkeys assumed that I was taking so many breaks so that I could give them butt scratches and ear rubs.  And, how could I resist?

Finessa: Stop mucking and rub my face.

Tuffy did an inspection of my muck rake

Tuffy:  Um, not much in here.  You're kinda slow at this, aren't you?

Don't you want to scratch us some more? 

Jackson:  Why do they get all the attention?  And when do we get our hay?  I'm starving in here.

Tuffy: Simmer down big boy.  Why don't you roll, it'll make you feel better.


  1. your donkeys are so darn cute. and it's really nice to see jackson feeling so good. his feet are better than yours...

  2. lol, it's a wonder any work gets done!

  3. Very cute. It's nice to see Jackson having fun.

  4. Love the donkeys!
    And Jackson looks really happy :-)

  5. When are we going to be back to normal. I have to energy level does not even seem to be at 50%.
    At least Brett can help when he gets home...Gary is going to be out of commission for months!

  6. guys, guys, and finessa. dad's back and the hay will be coming quicker tomorrow. don't get so antsy; otherwise i'll have to have flash talk to you; and that never goes too well. right?

  7. Love seeing the donkeys - especially in this light. Is is just me or does your foot almost seem to be getting worse?

  8. I feel for you. It must have been so painful to have to do all that work by yourself.

    I guess the only saving grace is that your crew is just so darned cute it makes it all worthwhile. Hang in there, I hear help is on the way tomorrow.

  9. Those donkey's are too cute. They look very healthy and trim.

    And Jackson looks very nice trotting off there! I think it is true that his feet are better than yours right now. ;)

  10. I can't believe you foot is still that bad and I'm really sorry. But what's greater than donkeys to keep you company. After working at the rescue, they have become my favorites.

  11. Thanks so much for your visit. I loved your post and delighted in your rapport with the donkeys who did indeed look good indeed.


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