Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sedona on Patrol

In the evening when the dogs join us to feed, Sedona immediately goes over to the goat pen and informs them that she is on patrol.  She doesn't seem to realize that Bella is gone and the remaining goats won't jump out.  Next she checks to make sure the front gate is closed.  She is always hopeful it will be open and she can hit the open road for adventure. 

Sedona and Kersey wait for me, resting in the shade, while I feed the goats and top off their water.  This evening the goats were very playful and I tried to catch Whiskey and Cowboy butting heads.  As soon as I turned on the camera, they quit.  Figures.

We headed down to the barn to help Brett finish up.  He was already down there busy mucking the pasture and getting out the hay.  I fed the rabbits and collapsed on the couch.  I've been driving into the office all week and by the time I get home in the evening, my foot is very tired.  While I rested in the barn aisle, Sedona spotted an imposter in the rafters.  She was beside herself, squeaking and whining and carrying on in a most un-ladylike way. 

While the cat dozed safely out of reach, Sedona continued to climb the walls.

Brett poked the cat with the end of his muck rake and it glared at us before moving out of sight.  I think it might have been Volte, the brother to our cat Passage, who disappeared a number of years ago.  Periodically, a cat shows up that looks just like him but who doesn't respond to his name or let me get close.  So, maybe its not.  Volte was a very affectionate cat.  With the mystery cat out of sight, Sedona relaxed a bit.  But, just a bit. 

We went back to house, fed the dogs, and then ourselves.  Leftover spaghetti and the rest of the rhubarb pie I made last weekend.  Lori, that rhubarb is fantastic!  It's growing like crazy and has wonderful flavor.

The pie was very juicy so the top got a bit mushy and it won't win any beauty contests, but it tasted divine.


  1. your pups are beautiful. and that rhubarb made my mouth water! love the tartness!

  2. Oh these photos are awesome they sure look like they are having fun.
    The pie is making me hungry. B

  3. Looks great! ALL of it. I think what looks the best is that it doesn't look so hot and dry as around here.

  4. Quit teasing me with the pie! Why am I not your neighbor?????

  5. What a great patrol dog and your pie looks divine!

  6. Sedona is a great watchdog. Everybody needs a job and she obviously takes her patrol seriously.

    The pie looks delish!


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