Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hangin' in the Hammocks

Yesterday morning was quiet.  Camille tried out all the hammocks. 

The small single:

The double (careful your butt doesn't hit the ground):

Camille's favorite (the pea in a pod):

My favorite - I like to sit here, looking at the creek, and thinking about writing poetry.  I haven't done more than think as I tend to drift away into a contented lazy place.

Before lunch, Camille and I walked down to the creek.  My dad joined us a few minutes later.  It was steep and I wasn't sure how it was going to be with my foot but I really wanted to see the creek up close, at least once.

It was a long, steep and difficult walk back to the house.  I paid for it the rest of the day with my foot burning like there was a fire in my boot.  I won't be going down there again.

When I finally made it back onto the back deck, I flopped in a chair and put my foot up.  Brett brought me a beer.  I spent most of the afternoon in that same spot.

In the afternoon, my parents sat for awhile looking at the creek before my sister arrived and all the happy chaos of eleven people.

After dinner, we watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  I always enjoy the march of the athletes, the dizzy-making number of countries, the joy and pride on the faces of the athletes and their camaraderie.  The rest of it doesn't do much for me and, no offense to my English readers, but that business of the queen parachuting in with James Bond was undignified -- and I find the Queen to be a very dignified person.  


  1. oh my gosh - i LOVE the pic of your parents in the bench from the back!!!

  2. Hi just to add, the queen didnt do the jump Lol!!!

    It was a look a like! And yes, if she did, we would disown her!

  3. Such beautiful photos - I can see you in the middle of winter looking back through this post with loads of nostalgia! Your trip to the creek was worth it for the photos of your Dad and Camille down there.
    PS I though the Queen "jumping out of the helicopter" was good fun, and I'm not British!

  4. Do you ice your foot and put it up?
    Hope you are going to relax and enjoy.

  5. What a lovely day and your parents are too cute! I like the hamock chair I have too - all rope mine is but I don't have a great tree like that to hang it in....Hmmm or do I, I'm gonna have to look. Usually hang it on the deck early in the season.

  6. You and your family look like you're in heaven. What a beautiful place. At least you saw the creek once and now you can rest your foot and think about some poetry.

    I missed the opening ceremonies but I'm not really that interested in it anyway. They never seem to show the equestrian sports and when they do it's very short. Of course, volleyball always says Olympic games to me. What nonsense.

  7. Great to see your Mom and Dad relaxing on the bench! We are relaxing in Destin this evening! Your parents spent some early years near by. Now called the Red Neck Riviera. Have fun!

  8. Don't apologize for not liking the opening ceremony: I was one of the many cringing with embarrassment.

    What an idyllic setting. Hope your foot heals soon: spend time in that hammock.


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