Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Better Day Today

Yesterday morning, I woke up with zero appetite which is highly unusual for me.  By 10:00, I was back in bed sicker than a dog.  I didn't leave the bed all day, too weak to lift my head off the pillow and miserable.  Through the haze of my sleeping and dozing, I heard the rest of the family pack up and head out to explore a nearby river.

When they got back to the cabin, Camille brought me a bowl of pretzels to go with the glass of water my mother had brought me earlier.  Around midnight, I cautiously ate a couple and by this morning I felt pretty normal.  I successfully ate breakfast and took it easy.  Brett called and reported that his son's foot surgery went well -- two and a half hours, pins and plates everywhere.  He cannot move for three weeks and no weight bearing after that for 13 weeks.  And I thought I had it bad!

Camille registered for her fall college classes online and then we went to Scotts Flat Lake where we met up with the rest of the family.  I walked down to the shore with NO boot!!  Woo-hoo!  Not very fast and not very graceful, but still... 

Mom and Dad sitting on the shore

My nephew, Nick, the 6'4" human pretzel

Kristin, Kyle and Camille riding a submerged log.  Nick coming to... rescue?  torment?  

When we arrived back at the cabin, there was a large family/flock of turkeys in the back yard.  Kristin was able to get quite close to them.

I started to feel a bit "off" again before dinner so I just picked at my food and I'm going to take it easy this evening.  I'll assess how I'm feeling tomorrow and then decide whether to head home as planned or stay an additional day. 


  1. Winston says, "Mom, please come home tomorrow; if you're ok to drive". I miss your kisses. Dad's aren't the same.

  2. Glad you are feeling a little better. Love the shot of your Mom and Dad...they are adorable. I'm impressed that you walked without your boot. Glad to hear that Brett's son got through his surgery...long recovery...tomorrow Gary goes to the Doctor. It is going to be months before he can do much. His normal life has come to a screeching halt. Do you have to drive back home?

  3. How awful to be sick on your vacation, and on top of your sore foot too :-(
    Hope it passes quickly so you can get home to the lovely (and obviously lonely) Winston (or should that read Brett?)

  4. Feel better. It stinks getting sick on vacation. Hopefully, you are all mended up by now and with a nearly fixed foot!

  5. sorry for the sickness! hate that when you're there with all the family! glad brett's son's surgery went well, but yikes!

  6. Hop you recover soon,it's a pitt been ill in a wonderful place like this.Every time I see photos on the river,I get very jealous :)

  7. Feel better soon! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. I know Jackson and Winston will be happy to see you!

  8. I'm hoping you will feel good enough to drive home and be with your gang. Being sick on vacation really stinks. Good that you were able to walk without the boot though. Everyone looks like they had a wonderful time.

  9. So sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well.


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