Friday, July 20, 2012

Playing Musical Stalls

Tonight while Brett was mucking he let the horses into the pasture but left their turn outs open.  Winston and Flash decided to play musical stalls.

First, Flash ambled into Winston's stall.  He came back out after checking to make sure the gate was in working order.  He didn't seem too impressed or interested in Winston's dirty stall.  Flash leaves his manure in one or two neat piles.  Winston scatters his everywhere,

Meanwhile, Winston gleefully went into Flash's stall.  And stayed there.

...until Flash went in and chased him out.

Once Flash left the immediate area, Winston was back for more.  He's a typical five year old, wanting to play the game over and over and over again.

Flash, being the grumpy old man alpha horse, doesn't have to do much more than wave his head at Winston to get him to skedaddle outta there.


  1. the lure of forbidden fruit - or something. :)

  2. This was fun. Glad you caught it and shared : )

  3. Many years ago, I rode hunters and jumpers. My horse Fitch, used to follow me around the barn like a puppy.

  4. I thought I already commented but it's not here so ill try again. I used to ride hunters and jumpers. Long time ago. My horse , Fitch, used to follow me around like a puppy!

  5. Grass is always greener or the stall is always cleaner? LOL That was kinda funny.

  6. Don't mess with Flash, Winston!
    He's not playing around.

  7. Flash has Winston's number, that's for sure!

  8. That made me giggle. Winston was trying to look all innocent!


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