Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day Two with the Grandkids

This morning we had to go down the hill and drop Camille's car off at the auto shop for repairs.  Afterwards, we went to Mollie's for breakfast.  Chris had a breakfast burrito -- huge!  And he ate the whole thing.  We were amazed.

Brett had the All American Waffle -- also known as the whipped cream special.

Back home, Rachel and I went down to the barn to give Jackson a bath.   Chris went off to visit the goats.  I worked on Jackson's tail while Rachel scrubbed him with a sponge and soapy water.  Jackson was in heaven, bumping us gently with his nose.  When Jackson was squeaky clean, we let him graze in the pasture.  Chris joined us there. 

It was really hot today, pushing 100F, and we were melting.  Jackson went back to his stall and the kids went into the pool.  I almost took my walking boot off and joined them.  Almost. 

After lunch, they were right back in the pool.  Brett's son, Scott, and his girlfriend, Jen, came up from San Diego.  It wasn't long before they were in the pool as well.  Kersey was in heaven.  She has taken a particular liking to Rachel.

Tacos for dinner tonight.  Both Jen and Scott are chefs and I asked Jen to help me make the taco meat.  It was fantastic.  Its so much fun to watch them work -- she chopped up the onions in perfect, tiny squares.  I chopped up the tomatoes in big, uneven chunks.  

Another perfect day.


  1. Such a wonderful thing with the kids. Satisfaction in reliving the days gone by. More so in getting the time and opportunity to connect with them and to teach them little useful things! Wonderful pics, Annette!


  2. since mexican is the food we miss most, my boss and i had burrito-day on friday. i made salsa and spicy black bean filling (there are no pinto beans here) and she made lemon-marinaded chicken breasts. it was such a hit, even with our dubious german colleague who was afraid of the beans (but then loved them). we'll have to do it again.

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your family. Looks like a great time!

    Especially the pool!

  4. gosh, that looks delicious! i'm glad all the kids are enjoying themselves.

  5. What a special day with the grandkids.


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