Monday, July 9, 2012

Everyone is Looking Good

This morning I had an email in my inbox from the breeder.  Bella jumped out of the doe pen within minutes so has been moved to a pen with a buckling (lucky girl).  She tried unsuccessfully to jump out of there and then settled onto a table and rested.  She sent a picture -- Bella looks like a movie star all clipped and fancy -- of her munching on cottonwood leaves, her favorite.

I went down to the barn to do morning chores in a happy mood.  Jackson has been doing very well.  He trots out of his paddock and hops into his stall every morning.  He's lost weight, he's moving well, and he's happy. 

I made some more rustic bread for dinner and settled in to wait for Brett and the grandkids to arrive.  They pulled into the driveway around 2:00.  The rest of the afternoon was spent in the pool and visiting the animals. 

Life is good.  Very good.  A house full of kids, and a barn full of happy, healthy animals.  And Brett back home. 


  1. Really, really great shots Annette. Yum on all the food too : )

  2. Life's necessities taken to a splendorous level!

  3. That video of Jackson made me awww out loud commenting on how great he looks. And I want to be one of your step grand kids! An afternoon of horses, swimming and good food...can I be adopted???


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