Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting Back to Normal

I'm back home today after a busy week.  Brett will be back tomorrow after delivering the grandkids back to their parents.  They were not ready to go back home so I think there is a good chance they will return next year.  Rachel, who is almost eleven, wrote me a thank you note and colored me a picture (of a horse, naturally).  In the note, she said she "loved watching Winston do his tricks in the arena."  He was quite entertaining. 

When Gayle was up last weekend, she said that Winston was testing her and she has seen him test me.  This is partly his age and partly just the way he is.  She was firm, he argued, then he was good.  Gayle suggested that I insist on prompt forward responses to my requests on the longe line.  If he chooses to have a fit there, it is easier to control than from the saddle.  Then, when I do get back in the saddle he will already understand obedience.  So, I longed him one of the days the kids were here.  Winston ignored a request to canter.  I snapped the whip behind him, but didn't touch him.  He took off like a shot; bucking and snorting and hauling me down the arena.  He galloped and galloped and galloped.  Eventually, I got him back on a circle but he still galloped.  When he finally settled, I made him work a bit more then took him down to trot... and asked again for canter.  He was spot on so I praised him.  When he reacted to the whip, it took everything I had to hang onto the longe line and I was skiing down the center of the arena after him, on my walking boot.  Apparently, we had an audience.  After that, the kids never asked about riding Winston and looked at him with amusement and respect. 

Christopher wrote me a poem about riding the horses.  I have to share.  I am so impressed -- nine years old, this kid, and with the eye of a poet.

Riding around on Flash
so much fun.

Riding around on Flash
Riding in the sun.

Riding around on Jackson
Riding him bareback surprisingly.

Riding around on Jackson
How much more fun could it be.

Riding around on Winston
Such a beast.

Riding around on Winston
A couple more years at least.

Camille and I spent the last three days in Santa Barbara, on our annual mother-daughter trip.  On our way out of town, I had a follow-up visit for my foot.  The dr. said it is coming along well and healing nice and straight due to the excellent wrapping job I am doing on the toes.  All that practice wrapping horse legs sure comes in handy!  He ordered repeat x-rays and I will start physical therapy in a week or two depending on what the x-rays show.  Complete healing will take close to a year.  A YEAR!!  (not a happy camper about that tidbit).  The toes are definitely doing much better, though.  I can walk short distances without the boot.  I can drive without pain.  I think I can ride -- definitely at walk.  I'm not sure about posting the trot or cantering.  I'll have to see how that feels.  I tried the Jacuzzi at our hotel with Camille and my toes did not like the resistance of the pool water against them at all.  Still, the improvement is huge from just a week ago so I am happy.  I've finally turned the corner.  

Here's a few pictures from my trip with Camille.  We spent two nights in Santa Barbara.  Laughing, talking, eating, laughing, going to a spa, laughing, get the idea.  

We walked on this bike path with a cup of coffee every evening at sundown.  The second night I walked for 30 minutes!  With no pain or fatigue!!

We had lunch at the harbor, at Brophy Bros. 

A cup of chowder and a bowl of steamed clams.  Heaven.

We always get ourselves matching sweatshirts on our trips.

The last night we gorged ourselves on amazing, and creative, sushi.
 And now I'm back home, catching up on blogs, washing all the beach, pool and shower towels from the kids' visit, and enjoying the peace and quiet.  The last week was wonderful, perfect in every way.  But, I do love our quiet life.


  1. It's quiet on the homefront as of today, as Gary delivered our granddaughters to their other grandparents who will be taking them to Croatia. Sounds like your grandkids had a great time. That poem is fantastic. We are in the same boat again! They say it could take a year before I can expect to feel normal again. I am going into my 9th week of therapy with more in front of me. I envy the trips you take with your daughter!

  2. so glad the grands had a great time. i LOVE that poem! :)

    happy that your foot is doing better! yippee!

  3. Love the poem, especially the part on Winston!
    So glad your foot is getting better.

  4. What a fun post. Summer with the family, it doesn't get much better than that. It seems your foot has been injured forever already -- a whole year to heal. I love the poem, he nailed my impressions of Winston. Excellent!

  5. Love how Winston earned everyone's respect. Naughty boy! I don't know how you haven't injured your foot again. A girls only beach trip would be so amazingly fun!

  6. Lovely pictures specially the sushi, my fav food.....

    Glad to see you enjoyed your week ~

    Happy Sunday ~

  7. Nice snaps...but where are the horses? :-)

  8. That poem is amazing! You & Brett must be the coolest grandparents ever, I bet those kids write an interesting "How I Spent my Vacation" when they go back to school.
    Winston sounds a lot like Aero. Insist a bit, he has a tantrum (particularly on the lunge), settles down and works well. If he is like Aero, you've got one super horse there.
    I've been to Santa Barbara, 29 years ago. I notice that was before Brophy Bros was Est!


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