Friday, November 11, 2011

Tis the Season

...for abscesses. 

Jackson lost a shoe last week as a big rain storm was moving through.  Our farrier was out of town so I managed to pull the shoe and then put on an EasyBoot.  That worked well until Jackson broke the EasyBoot and I found him wandering around his stall barefoot.  Great.

Our farrier came up Tuesday and put the shoe back on.  He also took a look at Tuffy who was lame and in pain.  He pronounced it a probable abscess so I slapped on a poultice and a diaper and wrapped him up good with vet wrap.  He had a lovely green foot to hop around on.

Wednesday, Jackson seemed a bit off.  Not a lot.  Just a bit.  I figured his foot was sore from being barefoot and then getting the shoe back on.  I gave him some bute and some GastroGuard to settle his nervous stomach.  Jackson is a champion worrywart. 

Yesterday, Jackson was still sore.  Tuffy looked like he was getting around better.

This morning, Jackson was hopping lame.  And his manure was a mess.  More GastroGuard, more bute and a call to the farrier.  We suspected a hot nail.  Our farrier was able to come up this afternoon and pull the shoe.  It was not a nail - Jackson was not at all sensitive in the hoof wall where the nail was.  However, he was big time sensitive on the sole.  Probably an abscess.

I soaked his foot and washed his manure stained tail.

Then it was his turn to get a poultice, diaper, duck tape boot.

Meanwhile, Tuffy was walking normally so I took off his hoof wrap.  It was full of stinky abscess stuff and Tuffy walked normally with it off.  He smelled his clean hoof thoroughly, then went for a roll in the dirt, and celebrated by chasing Finessa around the pasture twice.  He came over to offer his condolences to Jackson.

Actually, I think he looks a little smug.  Flash thought so too and chased Tuffy into the donkey stall.  Tuffy felt good enough to throw in a little attitude on his way.  Don't blink or you'll miss it on this video.


  1. They are both beautiful creatures. Blessings!

  2. so glad tuffy's back to normal and sassy! poor jackson. just one thing after another...

  3. Our farrier said he has never seen so many abscesses as this year. What the heck is going on? Sorry about Jackson and happy for Tuffy! Ain't life grand?

  4. Hi Annette-
    So sorry to hear about the foot problems going on at Aspen Meadows-abscesses are so annoying aren't they? The video made me giggle...loved that little bratty kick!

    Please give everyone a scritch for me!

  5. Abscesses are a pain in the butt, but glad to hear they are on the mend.

  6. Ain't duct tape a wonderful thing? We buy the silver and call it cowboy chrome!

  7. Tuffy is adorable and I'm glad he's doing well with attitude to boot. Hope Jackson will feel better soon.

  8. So what is your magic poultice and soak? Inquiring minds wanna know.

    Hopefully it'll blow out quickly without any more fuss.


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