Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh, My Aching Feet

This morning Brett and I took Flash and Jackson on a trail ride.  We had blue skies and warm temperatures - in the upper 60s. 

We planned to ride the Loop Trail which takes about 2 hours and is fairly level, following a stream through the canyon.  Jackson had not been on the Loop Trail since last March due to his sore feet.

He met me at the gate.  He thought a trail ride was a great idea.

Half way through the canyon, the trail becomes very rocky and steep.  He slowed waaaaaay down and began walking gingerly and carefully.  Then he just stopped and looked at the trail with a miserable expression on his face.  We turned around and headed back home.  Once we were back on soft footing, he picked up the pace. 

I gave him a bath when we got home and turned him out for lunch.
No more rocky trails, okay? 
I promised him that we would stick to soft sandy trails from now on.  He thanked me and went over to get a massage from Kalvin.


  1. (unsolicited advice alert)

    I have been having improvement with Val's feet by supplementing magnesium. It's recommended in the excellent book Feet First: Barefoot Performance and Hoof Rehabilitation.

    It has been a month and Val's feet are already harder with less chipping and his white line separation has all but disappeared.

    You probably already know about this but just in case...

  2. I supplement with Vit. E, Selenium and magnesium and have for a long time.

    What a beautiful day for a trail ride. Keep that boy sound so you can have many more.

  3. I would like to second Calm, Forward, Straight's comment. According to Feet First, magnesium helps with sole tenderness, among other wonderful things! :)

  4. ... and third..err fouth "Yes to magnesium" Greatly improved Bonnie's tender wimpy soles!

  5. Oh, Jackson, I have been there and done that. I hate to have to go downhill when it's rocky and treacherous. Glad your mommy will take you on nice sandy paths from now on. Sure is beautiful out there though.


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