Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Lost Shoe

Sunday night the storm moved out, the skies cleared, the stars shown, and the ground froze.  The frost was as thick as snow when I went down to feed Monday morning.  By the time I had finished chores, the sun was out and most of the frost had melted away.  There were still a few patches here and there.

Kalvin easily wins the Pigpen Award.  He just loves the mud.  His owner fortunately loves to groom him.  She comes up to visit and work with him, grooms him until he shines and gives him a bath if the weather is nice.  Then he does this:

When I was picking feet this morning, I noticed that Flash had lost a shoe.  Our farrier said he would be up Tuesday to tack both Flash and Jackson's shoes back on.  I looked and looked for Flash's shoe with no luck.  I tossed the straw in his stall every which way.  No shoe.  I checked his turnout.  Nope.  The pasture.  Nope.  Then I tried walking around the arena.  Brett let him run in the arena before the rains hit and he was running around, squealing and bucking.  I thought it might have gone flying.  The trouble is that after Brett put Flash back in his stall, he groomed the arena.  If the shoe was out there, it probably got dragged under by the harrow.  I kept seeing the sun glinting off the ground in the arena as I walked around; it was just frost kissed leaves.


  1. I like that "frost kissed leaves". Glad to see the wind stopped for a bit.

  2. Our frosts looked just like yours...snow like. But, today it hit 70 and should do the same tomorrow. What's with those boys and their shoes?

  3. These pictures are gorgeous! You caught the lighting at a perfect stage. Hope the shoe turns up.


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