Monday, November 7, 2011

Cooking on a Rainy Day

Sunday was another day of cold rain.  I walked over to the neighbor's house in the morning and had my hair cut.  I used to drive almost two hours to get my hair cut... this is such an improvement.  And a bonus is that she has horses and lives in our community so the time just flies by. 

I was busy in the kitchen most of the afternoon.  We eat well on rainy days.

I started with one of the sugar pumpkins from the garden.  I cut it into quarters and roasted it until it was nice and soft.  Then I scraped out the soft flesh and pureed it in the food processor.  I also roasted the seeds.  Camille and I love roasted pumpkin seeds.

I made a loaf of crusty bread.

to go with the pumpkin soup -- full of curry and cinnamon, cumin and coriander, brown sugar, molasses and cream.  Garnished with pumpkin seeds of course.

We had London Broil and cole slaw for the main course.

yum!  I ate way too much bread.  Bad, bad me.  Fresh bread and goat butter.  It's the best.

I have a hard time -- no, an impossible time -- eating moderate amounts of food on rainy days.  I need more days of sunshine so I can work outside, lose track of time, burn calories, and not have time to cook. 


  1. just hand over the bread and you can keep all the rest. :)

  2. I too! Yum!!!!!


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