Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quiet Sunday at Home

Today was absolutely, drop dead, gorgeous.  We spent most of the day outside in the barn, in the garden, with the goats, working and relaxing.

Finessa, what's with the sand on your nose?

Hey, Mom -- would ya scratch my butt please?

  -- why did you stop??

Because it's my turn. 
Typical Kalvin after it rains.  He lives for mud.

While Flash took a nap, the donkeys moved in on his hay.
Jackson got to roll and hang out on the soft arena sand.      
He's obviously feeling much better.

Brett was busy cleaning the pool -- lots of leaves.
What is your favorite tree?  Here's mine:
Western Sycamore.  Native to our area.  Best bark ever.


  1. nice to see jackson feeling spunky! and your donkeys are so darn cute. i'd scratch their butts...

  2. Jackson loos happy!! Donkeys are very fatty handsome,and the trees are gorgeous.

  3. All looks well out there. That first shot of Finessa is a knock out!

  4. Nice aerials Jackson! What a spunky boy!

    I do love the bark on that tree.


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