Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Prep

Tomorrow morning we leave for my parents' house on the Central Coast of California.  We will be spending Thanksgiving with my family there.  So, today is full of busy projects in preparation.  In addition to the expected activities like pie baking, we were busy getting the property spick and span.  Do you do that?  I'm not sure why everything has to be perfect before we can leave but it does.  I cleaned the rabbit area, did some horse laundry (saddle pads and rags), and Brett filled the chicken scratch bucket.

But the main project was cleaning out the goat shed straw and replacing it with new.  Brett brought a bale of straw up to the goat area with the tractor and got busy raking out the old, wet, stinky hay.

Bella couldn't be bothered with the activity.  She was in her usual Queen Bee spot atop the feeder.

Then, Brett locked me in the shed with the goats.  He brought the tractor in and started carrying loads of dirty straw to the dumpster.  We didn't want the goats underfoot during the process.  I had a nice view out of the window and five goats for company.

Cowboy didn't want to party.  He stood in the corner -- self imposed time out.
Finally, Brett finished and released us from goat shed prison.  The goats inspected the straw and wood pellets before we spread it all in the shed.

Bear and Bella wouldn't get out of the way so they got sprinkled with straw.

Nice, clean, comfy, deep straw for the cold winter nights.
Here's a short video of clip of Cowboy and Whiskey in the straw. 


  1. I was expecting kitchen prep knowing what a gourmet you are lol. The goats are so adorable!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Annette - safe travels!

  2. Love those adorable little goaties! Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.

  3. I too was expecting cooking scenes! Your goats are so vocal and adorable.

    Happy Turkey Day!

  4. oh, that little cowboy is adorable! enjoy your time with family!!!

  5. Those cute little goats love their clean straw! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Don't your goats eat some of the straw that you spread? Mine do.
    Your goats are adorable. I bet it was fun to be locked in for a while with nothing to do but enjoy your goaties.

    Yes, I always have to get everything cleaned up and organized before I go on a trip, so I won't have to come home to chaos.
    We had our Thanksgiving on Monday because hubby has to work in Phoenix tomorrow.
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow.


  7. Oh, I love the "beeaaahh" noise they cute.

  8. Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  9. I was expecting cooking scenes and awesome dishes of food too. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Those goats are too cute! Love the tail wagging one and they sure had a lot to say. Happy Thanksgiving.


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