Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Spirit

Jackson decided to get into the holiday spirit.  He was thinking about the first American Thanksgiving meal shared between the pilgrims and Native Americans. He wanted to be a wild mustang, belonging to the Nez Pierce maybe -- or perhaps the Cherokees since he isn't an appaloosa (the Nez Pierce breed).  He'd be a warrior mustang and paint his face with warpaint.  Trouble was, he didn't have paint.

Thanks, Jackson.
What?  You don't think it's attractive, creative and festive?

 I'm not talking to you anymore.  You have no holiday spirit. You're a party pooper.

 Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. The poo pillow strikes again.. (bane of grey horses) ;)

  2. A warrior mustang must be resourceful. He's cute in his war mud.

  3. You should have seen Abbe's warpaint today. Both sides...totally full of dark stains.

    What's with these white horses?

  4. Well, shame on you for not providing your handsome steed with the proper war paint.


    I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)



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