Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thar She Blows!

The Santa Ana winds starting blowing last night.  These winds blow in October and November, coming across the desert, and shoot the fire danger to "extreme" in the blink of an eye.  They gust at 25-60 mph so you can imagine what that would do with a fire, not to mention how dry they make everything from your lips to the piles of manure to the dry grass on the hillsides.

The sky is a beautiful, clear blue.
I thought the horses might race around a bit when we let them out for breakfast but they were more interested in food -- although Jackson did throw in a head toss and a grunt for good measure.

And look at how filthy Jackson is!  He's got the dry wind in the tail static thing going on too.

Kalvin was impatiently waiting for his hay.  You can see him chewing as he walks around in anticipation.  You can also see the wind blowing the Italian Poplars.

The goats were excited -- it was like Christmas with all the leaves and twigs blown into their area.  Forget the hay!  They went for all the debris.
Cowboy and Bella played tug-of-war with this cottonwood branch.

The wind blew leaves all along the fence line. 

Whiskey found his own personal stash.


  1. that last shot is just precious!

  2. I have heard of those winds. Does it really blow for two months? Cute pics.

  3. Wow, that wind really does blow!

    Your animals have such personality...especially those sweet goats.

  4. Looks like your critters are coping well with the wind and finding comfort in their snacks. Cute pictures.

  5. Heard of those winds. Doesnt sound very good? Hope things pass without trouble!!


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