Saturday, November 19, 2011

Brett and Flash Have a Lesson

This morning we were up early to do chores before leaving for Brett's lesson.  It was still dark -- and there were six horses in the neighbor's corral.  Strange.  They don't own horses; these belong down the road.  I think they thought I was strange too.  Or maybe they were hoping I was coming over to feed them.  They were watching me closely.

Brett loaded up Flash and we headed down the mountain at 7:30.  Notice Brett is carrying a Coke.  He can't drive his truck without one.

I had been hoping to take a lesson on Jackson but he's not 100% on that abscess foot yet.  I tried riding him yesterday and I could tell today wasn't going to happen.  Our trainer is getting married next month so she is tied up every weekend between now and Christmas with plans, ceremony and honeymoon.  The nerve!  We are very happy for her of course.  Her husband-to-be hit the jackpot.  She'a a great trainer and person: patient, kind, supportive and encouraging -- with beautiful blue eyes.

Brett's lesson went well.  Flash's trot is coming along very nicely.  He is getting better at bending and working through his body and Brett is getting better at finding feel.  It's great to see the moments of harmony.  Flash would prefer not to go forward or bend or take the contact so its a work in process; but its a work that is going well.  Here are some pictures -- it was dark, cloudy and threatening to rain so the pictures are dark.  If you turn up the volume on the short video clips, you can hear Gayle coaching them.
I know I cut off Brett's head, but I was looking at Flash going so nicely.

Our awesome trainer and bride-to-be

Flash can be a difficult beast at times.

But he can also be an obedient beast as well.

Look at the muscle on his butt!  (no! I meant Flash, people)
By the time they got to canter work, Flash was tired.  His canter isn't super forward usually, and today he just wanted to be done.  He kept trying to come back to trot.

They were both tired afterwards and Flash was very sweaty.  Brett cooled him down before we headed home.


  1. i envy anyone who can ride well and still takes lessons to get better! i failed miserably!

  2. Kudos to Brett and Flash. I have not taken a lesson in years...they make me want to take one.

    By the way, did you ever find out why all those horses were in your neighbors corral?

  3. I am going to have to start riding again!

  4. it looks like a nice lesson. And the butt is terrific ;-)

    Can I ask what Flash's background is? I ask because I see that canter/trot gait a lot at local western shows. I wonder if that's his training.

  5. It is neat to see a husband taking a lesson. Next time it will be you and Jackson!

  6. They looks fantastic! It looks like they make a great match. :)


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