Saturday, February 5, 2011

Welcome to my Sanctuary -

Brett built me this greenhouse one year as a Christmas gift.  Next to the barn, it is my favorite place to be.  Camille even modified a sign for me to put up (she was obviously quite young when she did this - she doesn't scribble "Mommy" anymore).

I ordered seeds a few weeks back and decided to get the seedlings started this afternoon.  I was going to sow three kinds of tomato (hoping one works in our hot days, cold nights, mountain summers) and the pickling cucumbers.  The cucumber pack said "not recommended" for indoor starting so I'll wait and sow them directly into the ground when it warms up a bit.  Cucumbers do well for me and I LOVE pickles.  Anyone have a good recipe to share?

Brett went all out (as usual) with the green house.  I have two work benches, a sink, a brick path and lights.  I used to keep a chair in there and read but the chair disintegrated last summer after many years of greenhouse use and I haven't replaced it yet.

"Hey mom!  I"ll be your Vanna White model!"

I have a warming mat with a thermastat.  I put the sensor in the seedling pan under the dirt and the pad keeps the soil at optimum temperature for germination.  After sowing the seeds, I cover them with clear plastic covers and wait.

All Done!
I'm roasting butternut squash and beets at the moment.  When they are done, I'll sear some tuna and put out a loaf of crusty bread I bought today.  I haven't picked a wine yet.  I need wine - VERY sore today.  Hard lesson yesterday plus yoga this morning.  I'm hoping I'll sleep like a rock.


  1. What a great spot. I love your place! And of course the lab is just adorable. I want to give him a big kiss :)

  2. Nice greenhouse! I like your way with food too.

  3. I have a shed? Does that count for escapism?

  4. Yum! Future deliciousness in the greenhouse and the oven :) Love your greenhouse!

  5. Cheyenne: Brett has a shed too. I call it his man cave. He put some exercise equipment in there and we store the horse blankets in the summer there as well. Women have greenhouses, men have caves - ur, sheds.

  6. Thank You, Annette, for dropping by...!! (yes, we can see Corsica from the Tuscan Coast; it's only about 85 km away!!)

    I love your greenhouse-Christmas gift.....!!!!
    ...and I love your choice of tomatoes!!!!!....and I do love indeed your sweeeet puppy!!!!!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  7. I'd love to have a green house although as much as I whine about being cold I wonder if I'd wimp out this time of the year. I didn't even know they had little things to put in the trays to keep them warm. That sounds way cool.

  8. A+++ for Brett!!! That looks PROfessional. I want one.

  9. Your green house is so neat 'n tidy!! And it's just not right that you're already planting seeds!!!


    Thanks for the visit today.

    I will strive to get my greenhouse to be half as nice as yours...and at least half as productive!

  10. I've always wanted a greenhouse just like that. I can't wait to see what comes up for you :)

    Tomatoes do super-well here in our sandy soil and humid summers, but my cucumbers were a disaster lastyear, so I don't think I'll try them again. This year, since I'll be showing horses, I'll go with fewer plants of what I really used last year. I hope to begin a strawberry garden as well--I missed those this year!


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