Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Honey!

Today is Brett's birthday.  We are doing the things he loves which, fortunately, are things I love doing as well.  We went down the mountain for breakfast after finishing up chores, then to a tack and feed store, and finished up at the market.  It was clear, sunny and not too cold when we got home at noontime.  Brett really wanted to ride so I got some turkey stock simmering on the stove for dinner and we headed down to the barn.

I had to buy Jackson a different saddle pad.  Yesterday, Jackson had an appt with Liz who is .... so hard to describe!  She's a holistic nutritionist, an acupressure therapist, and does saddle fitting as well.  I asked her to check out my new Tucker saddle which she said fit him well.  However, his back is still sore so she strongly recommended that I get him a western pad with memory foam.  The pretty pad I already bought.... well, it's all looks and no foam.  This morning I found a pad, with memory foam, that I liked even more at the tack store.

While we were tacking up, we could see the clouds coming in and the temperature was dropping.  It wasn't particularly warm anymore -- about 48.  We decided to take the ridge trail because it is short (but steep).  We wouldn't be too far from home if the rain started - and this storm is supposed to be a doozy.

Jackson: Are you humans nuts??  There is a big storm coming in!  I can feel it and I can smell it.  You can't be tacking me up.  Seriously.

Jackson was very forward, very energetic and dying to run.  Flash was feeling the same way.  The clouds were increasing as we made our way up the ridge and I was thankful to be wearing my heavy jacket.
Here's a picture of our community taken from the ridge trail.
Right as we reached the turn around point, we started feeling raindrops.  I took a couple quick pictures.

Flash: Stand still?  hahahahaha

Flash did finally stand still for a nano-second.  I took this picture and we turned for home.

The trail continues down into a valley and up the next ridge.  Beautiful, but very tough ride.  Some day.
By the time we got home, the rain was really coming down hard.  We put the horses in the barn, snug in their blankets with lots of hay.  We dried the tack and headed back to the house and the fire.  Turkey soup and crusty bread for dinner.  We'll celebrate Brett's birthday with the official birthday dinner this weekend.

Happy Birthday Honey!  Hope you had a great day (I did).


  1. Very cool ride, loved the views.

  2. Awww, Happy Birthday, Brett! Sounds like a great day was had by all.

    Although, I must warn you, every time you have a birthday you get older. I realized this several years ago, and decided to stop having birthdays. I will be young forever! (in my mind, ha!).

    Enjoy your day!

  3. A Friday off work, a ride, AND a birthday! That's a lot to celebrate.

  4. Shannon: Did you know, studies have shown that people who have birthdays live longer. *smile*

  5. The day was wonderful. Thank you dear. Being with you makes me feel younger. Let's party-------our way.

  6. Happy Birthday Brett. Glad you could spend part of your day riding (not that the rain was so thrilling). You live in a very beautiful community.

  7. Happy Birthday Brett! What beautiful riding country you guys have.
    Feedstore, tack store, trail ride and turkey soup - could life be any better?

  8. Happy Birthday Brett! Sounds like a perfect birthday to me. You guys sure are living the life! And, you are really enjoying it. That is the best part!


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