Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Stills, the Next Challenge: T.V. Shows or Movies

I don't watch TV so this is a movie.  A very old movie.  1986.  You can see the lovely green line on the screen - I really need to get this movie on DVD.  This is an old VHS tape, played many times.  I love this movie for the music, the setting (Tuscany), and the gentle romantic comedy.  It's based on an E.M. Forster novel and that doesn't hurt either. 


  1. And the answer is: A Room With A View

  2. Ahhh that looks so very romantic AND WARM!

  3. I don't think I've seen that movie. I'll have to get it. Hope your saddle arrives before May, I got mine in six weeks they were pretty fast making it.

  4. Never seen it. I like everyone's posts because it's good suggestions on what to watch. :)

  5. Annette! I am freaking out here. Room with a View has been a favorite for years in our household. My Maizie (age 12) was finally old enough to see and understand it. We have it on cassette (!) tape as well as VHS so we can listen to the words (if we can find a cassette player around here anymore!). We have the entire screenplay on our computers so that our favorite lines are just a click away. Merchant Ivory (director/producer) make the most beautiful films. That one and Howards End are the loveliest.

    Italy and England - so much beauty.

    Thanks for sharing that photo - made my day!


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