Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Morning Chores: February

Today Brett left early for work so I did the chores by myself.  Which is okay.  I know, I know, I'm weird.  I like doing barn chores (unless the weather is just awful).  It was cold last night, for us, with a low of 30F.  It was still in that neighborhood when I went down to feed.  Come on along!

This is how the barn looked from the front porch

I walked to the front gate to retrieve a package and looked back at the arena and barn.  Purty!

The sun was just starting to peak over the edge of the ridge.

First stop: chickens.  They love their scratch in the morning.

Would you quit taking pictures and feed us already???!

Next stop: bunnies

Then I brought the horses and donkeys into the barn for their buckets of vitamins.

Finessa got to their bucket first but it didn't take Tuffy long to join her.

After dumping Flash's bucket contents into his stall bin, Kersey cleaned it out.

And then she checked out Jackson's. 

But, really, the tastiest thing around is fresh manure.

It's hard to see but the compost pile was steaming away in the cold morning air.

After they finish their vitamins, everyone goes back into the pasture for their hay.

Tuffy: "Quit taking pictures and rub my back, would ya!"       Me: "Wipe your face and then I will."

Last stop: feeding the dogs.  Kersey attacks her food.

Sedona is always a lady.


  1. What a beautiful and well laid out property you have - heaven. I wonder if you've lived there a long time? The animals are so cute, especially the little donkeys.
    By the way, I don't think you're crazy for enjoying chores. When our horses are home I really enjoy going to the barn with a cup of coffee and putting the radio on and feeding, cleaning stalls, etc. I think it's therapeutic

  2. Thank you for taking us on this tour! I agree with Carol - heaven! I dream of chickens and donkeys but I don't live where the horses live now (on the farm) so that dream will have to wait.
    I like chores too - in our weather it keeps you warm. You are getting some chill now too, but I do think I would like your weather better than ours.
    You have a fabulous layout and adorable animals-even the manure-eating puppies! Sigh. I will file this post away...someday!

  3. You have such a well-designed setup. Nice landscaping too. I have a friend who is in her 70's and still breeds horses. She loves her chores and people are always offering to help or cut a deal like "I'll clean stalls and feed in exchange for board," but she won't have any of it. She loves doing it herself. She says shoveling manure is therapeutic for her.

  4. You have a beautiful,well thought out and designed property.The horses obviously well cared for and loved.

  5. Love the pics as I can pretend i live on a ranch!!!
    Soooo cold but beautiful. KT and I were up yesterday arriving around 10:00ish. All the frost was gone and the sun was perfectly warming all of us as kT worked kalvin in the arena. He is responding beautifully to the PT as one can tell he misses using his mind. Here's praying he will recover to some level of use. Total healing is my prayer knowing our Lord can do this.
    Enjoy your ranch,
    jealous Sandy

  6. You have an absolutely gorgeous place! I love how you have your compost piles situated (funny how I pick that part out, isn't it? LOL). Mine are just piles in a tree row right not but I'd really like to get something serious set up to properly rotate the compost.

    Everyone looks so healthy and happy! :)

  7. Thanks to everyone for all the compliments. It means a lot to me because we built here 9 years ago (the barn went up first, priorities!) and we lived in a travel trailer while the house was built. We designed the layout and I did all the landscaping - my 2nd love (after horses of course) is gardening.


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