Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update on Rocky and Crazy Horses

The storm cleared out last night and the temperatures dropped.  It was 28 when we went down to feed this morning.
Lots of frost on the barn roof.  ...and lots of mud in the pasture. 

I checked on Rocky.  He continues to do well.  He was hopping around, eager for breakfast.

Rocky: Move over.  Your big ol' ear is in the way.

Sage: Finders keepers.  Get your own treats. 

Rocky's tail end looks almost normal.  His tail is definitely smaller though. 

And he's still his adorable self.

We put the horses in the barn last night because of the rain.  They were very anxious to get out and play this morning.

First, Flash went into Jackson's stall to see if he left any of his breakfast goodies behind.  No such luck.  Just after I finished taking this picture, he launched  and was at a full run by the time he got to the gate.

From there, chaos ensued....

Once the horses settled down and started to eat, Tuffy and Finessa decided to do a few laps.


  1. I love, love, love the photo-essay! Oh, I can just sense how much fun it must have been to watch them goofing around.

    I'm also so glad Rocky is better. What a shlub.

  2. I wonder who got Rocky's tail! Glad he's better. Your place is beautiful. Those horse runs are perfect!! Did you design them?

  3. Yessir! You have one beautiful property and some happy critters great and small.

  4. Isn't it funny how they have to go into each other's pens and inspect things? They're worse than cats about having to go into any place that they're not allowed! lol

    Great pictures and such cute critters! I'm glad Rocky is feeling better. You have the cutest mini-donkies, too!

  5. I LOVE your donkeys! ahhhhhh! So cute :)

  6. Glad Rocky is doing better.

    LOVE the photos.


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