Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stormy Weather

Last night the wind whipped around the house, screaming through the wood stove pipes and flinging rain against the windows.  We woke to cloudy skies threatening, but not delivering.  We hurried through our chores to avoid doing them in the rain.  The stalls were a mess.  The horses usually go out to their run-in area to make their poop deposits.  But, when it is really stormy they don't venture out of their stalls.  They hadn't ventured out last night by looks of things.  It started raining again mid-morning. 

I went down the mountain for yoga class and then picked up Camille from her dad's house.  We got back home around 3:00.  At 3:30 it started to rain and then it switched to a wet sloppy snow that melted as soon as it landed.  Brett went down to the barn to do chores and I started making dinner.  It will be interesting to see what we have in the morning.  It's been doing the sloppy snow thing all evening.

I'm having a hard time focusing on anything tonight.  I'm very worried about Sedona.  I kept losing things in the kitchen while I was making dinner -- I couldn't find my kitchen shears after using them.  I had put them in the sponge container.  I kept walking into the pantry and forgetting what I was doing there.  This isn't uncommon, but it isn't usually this bad.  I just couldn't concentrate.  My brain was with the dog.
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This morning Sedona didn't eat her breakfast and it took her a long time to make her way back to the house from the barn.  Tonight, she refused her dinner again and she also refused her arthritis pill.  Her pill is always hidden in a piece of cheese and she loves this treat.  Tonight, she only took it after a lot of pleading from me and it was only to make me happy.

We got Sedona in 2003 shortly after we built our house.  Brett was still working full time as a police officer and she had been picked up by animal control.  It was my birthday.  I went down to the station on my lunch and fell in love.  She is a mix of shephard and kuvasz - and huge.  Sedona is very sweet, very loving and very loyal.  Her only "vice" is that she never lost her love of the open road.  If the gate is inadvertently left open, she is gone.  She always comes home wet, dirty and dead tired.  Her escapes are rare though and she has developed arthritis in the past few years so she just gimps around our property.  We bought the puppy this past September to keep her company.  Her best doggy friend, who lived behind us, died and she was bereft of a playmate.  The puppy has been a huge success.  She guards the puppy, plays with the puppy, cleans the puppy and sleeps with the puppy.  In short, she adores the puppy.

I am hoping she is just feeling off after eating too much horse manure.  But, I'm worried.  Very worried.


Tonight we had pasta with a bolognese sauce.  I made garlic bread and salad (with apples and cheddar cheese) for the side. 

Brett's best friend from college is visiting for the weekend.   They are talking about the old days and having a good time.  Camille and I are trying to hold it together.  Hopefully, Sedona will be back to her old self tomorrow.


  1. Sweet Sedona. She is adorable in the photo. I will think good thoughts for her speedy recovery. Maybe the nasty weather is getting to her free spirit.

  2. It's terrible to worry about our dog companions. In the same boat as you unfortunately... I hope it's just a bellyful of something inappropriate :)

  3. My 8 year old German Shepherd has some kind of auto-immune thing going on. He's lost most of his hair and looks awful! I've taken him to 3 vets, the latest being a doggie dermatologist, who now has him on antibiotics and a fungal pill. HA! He can SMELL the antibiotics (they smell nasty), so I have to hide them in hot dogs. He still finds them and spits them out! So, now I put them in ground turkey and he just gulps the whole ball down! Hehehehehehe! I'm sad to hear about your dog. We get so attached to them! I hope she gets better soon.

  4. Just found your blog because of a Pad Thai recipe on the Dressage Training Journal blog. I hope Sedona is better this morning. I know all about "ailing doggers," and they do take up much of our hearts and our thoughts when they don't feel well. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  5. Fingers crossed for Sedona. She is a beautiful dog. *hugs*


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