Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ten Commandments of (Horse) Leadership: Part 3

#4: Create the involvement You Seek
  • Create opportunities for your horse to be a partner with you in pursuing goals.

    • Allow your horse to make work-related decisions whenever appropriate and practical.

    #5: Do Right by Those Who Do Right
    • Catch your horse doing things right and recognize him/her for it.  Recognition should be:
    • Timely
    • Specific
    • Sincere
    • Personal
    • Proportional

    Jackson didn't want to go over this little jump.  I let him study it and then he calmly stepped over.  He's very pleased with himself and he got lots of praise from me.

    #6: Provide What They Need to Succeed
    • Clear expectations

    • Ongoing feedback

    Jackson wasn't too sure about the beach at first.  He needed lots of reassurance that the waves washing up were not going to eat his feet.

    • Time

    Jackson has arthritis in his hocks so I need to give him time to rest between days of work.

    • Tools and Training


    1. Again, very nice stuff!

    2. Wow! How much more perfect can it be said than that, my friend? Wonderful!!! I love the pictures you added to it, too--a real, working partnership there--the pinnacle of horsemanship.

    3. Thank you for liking up with Farm Friend Friday. This is a great post. Jackson is beautiful. I love the pics of riding on the beach, I’ve always wanted to rid a horse on the beach but never gotten to. I also love the one in the creek. That I’ve done and loved it. :)

    4. I love these horse leadership tips. The pictures with them are perfect.

    5. Sounds like the perfect set of leadership tips. Your Jackson is lucky to have you as his leader.

    6. Great post. Sounds a lot like the advice I would give for teaching special ed students (which I do).

    7. Very wise words and very well said. Love all the photos.

    8. Great tips and great pictures. Thanks.

    9. Great illustrations for some very good points!!


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