Sunday, February 20, 2011

Warm Hearth and Warm Hearts

Today was cold, clear and crispy.  We woke to patches of snow on the ground, the fence posts and in my garden.

Sedona slept well and was eager to go outside and wander around while we did chores.  She refused breakfast again so I took a handful of wet food and offered it to her.  She looked at me, sighed, and ate a few bites.

Brett and his friend spent the day talking and working on various barn projects.  They replaced the filter on the horse pond and shivered in the brittle cold.  I warmed up the leftover turkey soup for lunch.  I put a couple ladle fulls in a bowl and let it cool, and then offered it to Sedona.  She happily slurped it down.  YES!!!   Camille gave both dogs a milkbone mid-afternoon and she ate that as well.

I offered her more turkey rice soup for dinner but she wasn't interested.  If she isn't eating tomorrow, I'll put a call in to the vet.  At least she's drinking - and she seems normal otherwise.

Tonight I made Brett's birthday dinner.  Camille is up for the weekend and Brett's best friend is visiting so it was a nice celebration.  I attempted a new recipe for whole wheat sourdough bread. 

Unfortunately, it was a total fail.  It never rose and the dough seemed awfully wet.  The recipe said not to add more flour but I think the measurements were off.  I ended up with a cooked brick. 

The chickens will enjoy it tomorrow.

 So, I started over and made my fail safe dinner rolls.

Brett requested BBQ ribs, scalloped potatoes,  and carrots for his dinner.

Brett's been enjoying his visit with his friend Richard.  They were roommates in college and love telling me stories about each other.  I can easily imagine them at 80 years old, sitting on a bench in front of the hardware store, talking about the good old days.  I envy their friendship.  I have friends but do not have the consistent close friendship these two have shared.  Good guys, good friends. 


  1. Could I get a "to go" box of the birthday dinner? You are definitely my kind of cook.

    Right now, it is snowing like crazy here. I don't imagine you get very much out there. Hope the dog is doing better soon. Try boiled hamburger with rice...that's what our vet suggests when there is a problem. Boil the hamburger and crumble it, then stir in the boiled rice.

  2. I hope Sedona is feeling better soon. That dinner looks great.

  3. Can I order a "take away" BBQ ribs? Looks enticing!!!

  4. Love the dinner rolls but I think I have made that failed "boulder" of a loaf before. You could whip it out the window and hurt someone with it!

    Glad Sedona had some soup. Poor honey. I hope she is doing better soon.

    I love stories of old college friends talking. That is the most fun to watch.

  5. The rolls look yummy! I sure hope Sedona is feeling better soon.

  6. So glad Sedona had sone soup. Hopfully she'll be better soon.
    The meal looks amazing - Yum. You're so ambitious ot make two different batches of home made bread. I would have given up if the first didn't work.
    Camille is so cute! Sounds like a great evening.

  7. ps - love your banner picture.

  8. I'm doing a bit of catch-up after going through an 'episode' with our senior cat. I feel for you with your worry over Sedona. It can be completely overwhelming. My world tends to narrow to a pinhole and I become a neurotic pet owner, following my animals around the house, coaxing them to "eat something(!) please!". It's good that she's drinking well. Could the cold weather be making her joints ache more?

    Let us know how she's doing.

    Carolynn (P.S. You have to stop posting photos of your meals. They are too scrumptious looking. It's cruel. *smile*

  9. Hope to hear that Sedona is eating and feeling better soon. Sounds like you had a busy day and the meal looks just delicious.


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