Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Walk About

Come join me and the dogs on a walk about of the property.  The official chore we are completing is dog poop pick up but I'll spare you pictures of that part.  Let's just say there was a lot and it was hither and yon so we covered the entire ranch.

Just outside the backdoor garden, daffodils are going crazy.  My favorite flower.  
The arena flooded at the far end with the rain Friday night.  It's still too wet to use.
Down at the barn, we have a large puddle.  It's half water, half ice.  Fascinating apparently.

Mud everywhere.  The walk out area behind the stalls gets it the worst.  Horrible boot sucking stuff.
Jackson was first to the gate to greet me.  As usual.  It looks like he had a nice roll in the mud!

It was cold today, barely inching above 40F but the sky was a brilliant blue.
Kalvin's owner, Katy, noticed a scrape below his eye.  It's a tad swollen.  We'll keep an eye on it.

Flash: What are you staring at??  Give me a kiss or go away.
I always check the horses' water trough.  The old filter was forever leaking.  This one is working great.  Yes!

Finessa: I know its muddy in here but I'm afraid to go out with the big horses.  They chase me sometimes.

Tuffy: Listen here you big ol' horses.  I'm not afraid of you!  I'm not!  I'm not!
Pilgrim: Shut the door!  Can't you see I'm trying to lay an egg??!

Two beautiful eggs on the other side.  Total of five eggs today.
We had to hack the peach tree back to a stump due to peach leaf curl that refused to be cured despite every treatment I tried.  Fortunately, it is sprouting.  Phew!  Love this tree.

Sedona: Listen here kid.  Would ya quit jumping on me?  I'm old.  It hurts.

Kersey: Is that better?  Sedona: Yeah, that's the spot.  Ahhhhhh.

Hope you had a great day too!  I'll finish off the Leadership series in the next day or two.


  1. Great pictures. You have such a beautiful place. The donkeys are very cute!

  2. Annette. You have a gorgeous property! Thanks for the tour. How is your dog doing? Back to normal?

  3. So beautiful--I love your place, and I'm jealous of your spring flowers already :)

  4. How wonderful to see flowers blooming already. I am jealous! You have a beautiful place. thanks for a lovely tour.

  5. Lovely pictures. So nice to see the sun, grass and daffodils!!!!!!

  6. What a beautiful place-I love that arena! I'm so smitten with Finessa and Tuffy that I can barely focus on the rest of the crew right now...clearly I have to come back and visit regularly :)
    Please send everyone scritches from all of us at DVR!

  7. What a great walk! Our little Celine feels the same way about the new kid on the block. Luna's favourite thing to do is harass her when she's trying to use the litterbox. She can be a real pest, but really only wants to play.

    It looks so much like spring there! We had a snowfall this weekend and it's still laying around in patches. Very cold for us, right now. And, spring less than a month away, too.

    Loved your answers at my little social gathering. *smile*

  8. Thanks for the tour - looks like horse (and donkey) heaven :)


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