Thursday, February 3, 2011

Saddle Fitting

The saddle fitter came today with her truck full of saddles for me to try.  First she looked at Jackson's back and noticed that 1) he is quite wide and 2) he was a bit sore.  He has a slight curve to his back and Brett's Passier has a flat tree so she suspects it is bridging on his back and causing that bit of soreness.  We put a fleece cooler on Jackson to keep him warm while I tried out saddles on her saddle stand.

  She said she wasn't going to bother with having me try about 60% of them because with his shape, they wouldn't be comfortable.
Inside the saddle van. 

She also told me nothing about each saddle so I could focus on fit and comfort without preconceived ideas.  We narrowed it down to four saddles pretty quickly.  The one used saddle she had in my size, I didn't like at all.  Bummer.  She also bumped me up to a size 18 -- she said because of my long legs but I think it's also the extra groceries I've started carrying around since I passed the 50 year old mark.
Then we took Jackson to the arena and I tried them all out.  She let me ride as long as I wanted in each of them.
Getting a saddle ready to try.  Jackson was very patient.

Waiting for the next saddle.

  The first one was comfortable.  The second one felt strange at first because it had a very deep seat which I am not used to.  But then when I started trotting in it, I liked how I could feel Jackson clearly.  He seemed happy too.  The third saddle was an immediate no.  The fourth a maybe.  I tried number 1, 2 and 4 again.  I eliminated 4 and liked 2 even more.  I tried 1 & 2 for quite a while at sitting trot and canter.  Definitely number 2. 
Here it is!  Custom Everest with long flaps

Then I asked for the damage.  It isn't from their most expensive line.  Yay!!  She said it has a curved spring tree so that is very good for Jackson's back.  It has a single flap so it is very close contact.  ...and it will take 12-14 weeks for my new saddle to arrive from the U.K.  Then I have 10 days to ride in it and decide if I still want it. 
I want it now!
Everybody else was obviously very concerned about all the activity.

Today was quiet otherwise.  Last night I made an easy pasta that we devoured.  The sauce was olive oil, a bit of cream, lemon juice and shallots.  Then I stirred in fresh basil, drizzled each serving with more olive oil, and sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan.

I threw together salads with pears and carrots for the side. 

We opened a bottle of dry Riesling to wash it down.  Tonight, it's leftovers. 


  1. Saddle fitting is always difficult - glad you found something that seems to work.

  2. Isn't it you and your horse know when it is the right fit? You sure did not waste any time. I would be anxious to get it too.

    Your dinner is something that we would love. Yum.

  3. I envy you - I dream of a saddle fitter driving to my place and allowing me to try them all. My two worries that ruin this dream...
    a. I don't have very patient horses (yet) who would patiently let me try different saddles
    b. Do nice saddle fitters come to my area of Pennsyltucky?

    You look like you got a wonderful new saddle that fits you and Jackson. Divine! And that yummy dinner...equally divine.

  4. I have a Custom saddle. I love it. It's funny, though, my rep told me the exact same thing about the length of your leg determining seat size and not the width of your bum. I thought it was just because I gave him the "look of death" when he suggested I might need a 17 1/2. *L* Enjoy your new saddle (when it finally arrives)!

  5. I envy too! How great to have a truck full of saddles + an expert come to your place. Congrats on finding your new saddle - hope the ten weeks fly by :)

    P.S. Your food pictures never fail to make my mouth water!

  6. I've been wondering if the problems with connection I am having with Boo have something to do with the way his saddle is fitting him. Guess I need to have someone come out and take a look. We never use to have this problem...or maybe I'm just a really bad rider.

  7. I need a saddle fitting session like that,only thing is I have to travel a 4 1/2 hour trip one way! I am glad you found a saddle you liked so quickly,well done!

  8. That is perhaps one of the coolest things I've ever seen--a custom saddle fitting brought to you and your horse! Wow!!!! I'm so glad that you and Jackson will have a saddle that fits you both now. I bet you are exited--I'm excited for you!! :)

    Your meals always look so yummy, and the Reisling just tops it off--mmmmm!!!

  9. Saddle decisions give me ulcers!
    The pasta looks YUM and even better in your Le Creuset!


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