Monday, December 9, 2013

What Me Worry?

The fact that we had no water didn't bother Flash in the least.  Heaven forbid something should interrupt his nap.

Something as trivial as broken pipes at the well.

(Frozen) water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

The water troughs are half full, the jugs of water are empty and hot showers are a fantasy.

"I wonder if its dinner time yet.  I'm sure its dinner time.  Its always time to eat... or sleep.  What me worry?  I'm living in paradise."


  1. Have ou gotten your snow quota for the year? It looks like New York in winter.

  2. I know it's your first winter there but is that an unusual amount of snow & cold for the area?
    Also, I don't know where your pipes are frozen, but if they're frozen outside this may help. A couple of years ago, the pipe coming from our well to our house froze. We were fairly certain it was frozen just for the last 5 or 6 feet before it entered the house, as we knew the plumber was an idiot and hadn't buried the pipes deep enough! So we got barrows and barrows of steaming manure from the muck heap and dumped them along the lone where we figured the pipe ran. Half an hour later, we had water again. The manure was hot enough to defrost the pipes and then provided a nice layer of insulation afterwards. It didn't look too pretty, but once the weather warmed up again we cleared it all away.

  3. Such a dream place , you seem to adore your home :)

  4. Broken pipes are no fun. Hope that gets resolved asap Annette!!

  5. sure hope the weather breaks soon for you (and for the rest of the country, too). your header looks beautiful.

    22 this morning in NE Tx, too.

  6. I hope you will have your water soon. Does the snow have to melt before repairs can begin? All the best with this problem, which I can slightly, only slightly relate to. I think it is supposed to get warmer tomorrow, at least down here.

  7. If only we could live our lives without worry? Wouldn't that be grand? I do hope that you get your frozen pipe problem resolved without too much trouble...


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