Friday, December 13, 2013

Random 5 Friday

1. I discovered a new blog today -- one with spectacular photos of food; french food even. My French Heaven (aptly named).

2. Mary Ann recommended using a chick light in the well house to keep the pipes and valves and holding tank from freezing. We plan to do exactly that. Right now, Brett has a horse blanket draped over the top and it's working great. Once we get an outlet installed, we'll plug in a light.

3. TailsFromProvence asked if the cold we had this past week is normal. Absolutely not. Winter lows typically dip into the 20s, not the low teens and certainly not 9F like we saw Sunday. We still have snow today, a week later, which is also unusual. Typically we get snow, then sunshine or rain, and it all melts away within a day or two. (Her post about French drains made me laugh; check it out).

4. Lori Skoog asked if the kitchen was finished. No ma'am, not yet but our contractor swears I will have a functioning kitchen by Christmas. I am so tired of dishes, measuring cups, silverware, pots and pans piled on tables; tired of take-out; tired of the mess. The contractor works alone (no crew) and he is meticulous. We couldn't be happier with the quality of the work so I'm doing my best to roll with the snail speed of progress, the dust and the cardboard flooring.

5. Camille took pictures of herself with all the animals when she was up at Thanksgiving. I particularly love this one of her with Whiskey.


  1. Kitchen looks a mess but I'm sure it will be beautiful when it is finished. Cute goat pic.

  2. I always loved hearing more about you. That Mary Ann knows her stuff!

  3. Back in 2001, we had a huge job done on our house. Two weeks before Christmas, our kitchen was a bare concrete shell.
    It was all ready in time for the 17 people we had coming for dinner on The Big Day, the only thing that was missing was floor coverings but we threw down loads of cheap rugs to brighten it up. So don't worry, you'll be fine!


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