Sunday, December 15, 2013


The snow is melting away.  We had a warm winter day with highs in the 60s.

Katy worked Winston in the small arena yesterday.  The dressage court is still half covered in snow.  I have been fighting a cold all weekend and didn't have enough energy to take a lesson.

This afternoon I refilled all the empty water bottles and put them in the garage so we are ready for the next time we don't have water.  Hopefully, we won't be dealing with water bottles for a long time but there will be a day when the power goes out and the well pump doesn't work.  It pays to be prepared, as we well know.

David has made great progress with the kitchen.  I am hopeful that soon I can move everything off of the kitchen table, the dining room table and the dining room floor -- back into kitchen cabinets.

I'm going to start with moving my cookbooks onto the new bookshelves.  Most of my cookbooks are still packed in boxes in the barn. These are my core cookbooks; the ones I use all the time and can't live without.

Then I'm going back to sit on the couch.  I am doing my best to beat this cold out of my system.  I can't be sick for Christmas.  I am feeling a tad more energetic this afternoon.  In church this morning I was dragging so I turned sideways, leaned into Brett and had him drape his arm across my shoulders and then around to my hip where I held his hand.  I was warm and happy and sleepy.  He was embarrassed to death.


  1. I hope it's just a cold and you'll be better in a couple of days. Try drinking hot lemon & honey with lots of cloves. It always makes me feel better.

  2. Oh I am sure he was not embarrassed he probably loved being your night in shining armour:)Get well soon my friend. HUGS B

  3. Rest up -Youve been through a hecka a lot - im glad you are surrounded by family!

  4. I am so sorry for your cold.... I got one every year while I was still working at the theater... exposed to so many germs in November and December with show after show... and I would always have a cold and couldn't sing at Christmas, drat it.
    They sap you so!
    On the other hand, things are looking good and I'm glad you had a thaw!


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