Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dogs in the Snow

Hey, Sedona and Kersey!  Wake up, it's time to do the morning chores.

The sky was grey and ready to spit snow as Brett fed the horses and the dogs and I measured the snow depth.  We had 7" at 7am.  Sedona didn't have any trouble making her way through the snow but Kersey was belly deep.  She ran out of steam pretty fast.

At noon time the sun came out and we thought the storm was breaking up and moving out.  Brett found a snow shovel and started shoveling in front of the gate so it could open.

Sedona waited for me while I fed the horses hay.  I had forgotten how much Sedona loves the snow.  She was in her element.

We brought the tall Christmas tree into the house for me to trim this afternoon.  The snow started falling again in large thick flakes.  The dogs settled back into their beds and I threw a few more logs on the fire.


  1. My old Golden Sunny also loved the snow - he would roll and roll in it.

  2. Snow! What a change for your SoCal herd!

  3. Those dog are so kind :D i loed the photo on the header

  4. Whoa!!!! You really got it! I was shocked when I saw your header shot. Quite a change in the weather for the dogs, but they seem to be ok with it. Good thing Brett found a shovel. Welcome to my world.

  5. I bet the snow brings Sedona relief... she looks in her element.

    The new header photo is spectacular!

  6. Don't Sedona and Kersey get to come in and enjoy the cozy fire with you? I know my guy would be right there basking in it's warmth for sure. Beautiful header shot!


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