Friday, December 6, 2013

Random 5 Friday

1. When the guy who is installing our new kitchen cabinets left yesterday evening, we closed all the windows he had opened in the kitchen and the breakfast nook. We missed the window he opened in the half bathroom. Around 10:00 this morning the water stopped running in the house. The toilet water in the half bathroom was frozen solid. Thank goodness for space heaters. I rolled it into the bathroom, plugged it in, pointed it at the toilet and let her rip. An hour later, I heard the toilet whoosh and the water started running again.

2. Brett spent three hours yesterday wrapping the pipes in the well pump house, which weren't insulated in any way. This morning, the water was running fine. Until the toilet froze.

3. Today is my dad's birthday. Happy 81st! We'll toast you with a glass of wine tonight.

4. We think Sedona has gained a little weight. It could be our imagination but her ribs don't feel as sharp to me.

5. Lori asked if we have a fireplace in our bedroom. Nope. Just the big ol' wood stove downstairs. It was 48F downstairs in the house this morning but I cranked that stove and we are toasty now. It was 19F outside this morning, and it got up to around 40 before the temperatures dipped back down in advance of the snow coming in late this afternoon.


  1. Sounds like the same temps here:) Happy Birthday to your Dad. I love the woodstove and being toasty warm. Frozen pipes are never fun. Hug B

  2. Happy birthday to uour dad, looks like warm in there :)

    Welcome to join my blog

  3. It just now dropped 15 degrees in 10 minutes here, but we won't come near your freezing temps - thank goodness. The Shimmy Shack is not equipped for real winter weather!

    Stay warm!!


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