Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas was quiet in a comfortable peaceful way.  The mornings were frosty, the wood stove warm, the afternoons clear and the evenings cozy.

The horses spent both days staking out the best grazing places.  We opened both pastures and let them roam freely all day.
Mufasa and Winston: Why is Jackson outside the pasture?

Winston: Kyle is looking the other way and the gate is open... I'm outta here.

Winston spent more time running around than eating.

The front lawn was a popular grazing location.

Kersey went for a swim in the pasture water troughs.  

Brett, my dad and Kyle went for a walk around the property.  They started at the well house.  When my dad came back inside he said, "I need a Tylenol."  I'm not sure if it was from walking the entire property or from thinking about all the work we still need to do.

Christmas eve we feasted on prime rib, crusty rolls, potatoes and peas with bacon.
Camille, Kyle, Brett, dad, mom

After dinner we sat in front of the fire, with the Christmas tree twinkling red, blue and green, listening to Christmas music and trying to stay awake.  We failed.  No midnight Christmas service for us.  We were all snoring in our beds well before then.


  1. A stove is welcomed for Christmas , great dinner

  2. nice to have a good outdoor day to enjoy!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful holiday with family. Merry Christmas!

  4. How nice, that the horses could go wherever. I take it your whole property is fenced in...beautiful. Looks like you had a very peaceful Christmas Eve and a yummy dinner. Can't wait to see more shots of the new kitchen.

  5. It's nice to give the horses a Christmas treat, too. Even if some of them (Winston!) don't appreciate what they have

  6. Quintessential California Christmas I would say. :)


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